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Is there any Dual Sim phones in NOKIA company ?

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Nokia has just launch dual sim phone NOKIA C1 and NOKIA C2 which you can use as you are nokia user but in the market many company provide dual SIM phones such as Samsung, L.G etc. as far as NOKIA C1 and NOKIA C2 concern i .The most attractive feature of C1-00 mobile phone is that it can give you a battery life of upto six weeks.Price of Nokia C1x is Rs 1999 ii .Nokia C2 Mobile does has a GPRS connection to send/accept files from your colleagues and friends easily. It also has a basic VGA Camera. Nokia C2 mobile phone is priced a little higher than C1 mobile phone. Its official announced price is Rs 2,499
Posted: 06-03-2012 @ 17:29:31
There are many Dual Sim phones in NOKIA company: Nokia X1-01 Affordable Dual SIM and Dual Standby entrylevel mobile phone with1.8 inches colored display and up to 16GB expandable memory support. Price - around Rs 1800 Nokia 101 It is highly affordable dual sim dual standby mobile phone with up to 16 GB external memory support. Price - around Rs 1400 Nokia C1-00 It is a pure entry level mobile phone and it is just for making and receiving calls. It has 1.8 inches large colored display. You can store up to 500 contact numbers. *. DUAL SIM Single Stand *. Colored display *. No Bluetooth,WiFi andGPRS/EDGE *. Loudspeaker/ 3.5 mmjack *. No camera *. Flash light Price- Rs 2000+- Nokia C2-00 It is also an entry level mobile phone but it is much better than C1-00 as it has GPRS and also a VGA camera. *. DUAL SIM dual stand *. VGA Camera *. GPRS and Web browser *. FM Radio Price - Rs 3500+- Nokia C2-03 Nokia C2-03 is a dual SIM mobile with prettyattractive look. This sliding mobile has a memory card slot which supports microSD card up to 32GB and you will get 2GB card with phone for free. It will be available in Chrome Black, Golden White colors. Price - Rs 4500 Nokia C2-06 Nokia C2-06 is a sliding large screen mobile phone with touch and type functionality. It is a dual SIM mobile phone which will be available in Graphite color. Price - Around Rs 5000
Posted: 05-03-2012 @ 09:50:13
A Dual SIM mobile phone is one which holds two SIM cards. Initially, dual-SIM adapters were made available to use in regular mobile phones to allow them to contain two SIMs, and to switch from one to the other as required. This combination is called a standby dual-SIM phone. The first Dual SIM mobile phone was Benefon Twin manufactured by Benefon in Finland. It was launched on the market in 2000. More recently, some phones have been produced that can natively work with two SIMs, both of which may be active at the same time. These are active dual-SIM phones. There are also some Chinese triple-SIM phones.[1] Akai Trio is the first phone with triple GSM SIM slots [2] Dual-SIM operation allows the use of two services without the need to carry two phones at the same time. For example, the same handset can be used for business and private use with separate numbers and bills; or for travel, with an additional SIM for the country visited. Using multiple SIM cards allows the user to take advantage of different pricing plans for calls and text messages to certain destinations as well as mobile data usage. These phones have until recent years been largely eschewed by the larger phone manufacturers partly due to their close ties with mobile phone networks who would prefer that customers use only one network exclusively. However more recently manufacturers such as Nokia and Samsung have started producing these phones, which will target customers mostly from developing countries.[3][4]
Posted: 02-03-2012 @ 09:17:32
Ya there are 5 dual sims phones in nokia x1-01,c2-00,c2-03,c2-06 and nokia 100 is there upcoming dual sim phone.
Posted: 06-09-2011 @ 21:16:41
Yes, the latest C2-03 & C2-00 are also good
Posted: 06-09-2011 @ 15:21:05
yes many nokia c1-02 nokia c203 c202 c206
Posted: 06-09-2011 @ 13:29:35
nokia c2-02 nokia c2-03 nokia c2-06
Posted: 06-09-2011 @ 07:34:49
ya nokia have 2 available dual sim in indian market,thats are nokia x1-01and nokia c2-00,and touchscreen dualsims are comingsoon,thats are c2-02,c2-03,c2-06.
Posted: 26-07-2011 @ 17:01:15
ya its there NOKIA X1-01 and NOKIA C2-00 these both are dual sim phones
Posted: 09-06-2011 @ 14:57:39
Yes there are. nokia have launched two New Dual Sim phones specially for Indian Audience. Nokia X1-01 and C2-00. Both are Dual Dim Standby Phones with a switch key to swap between the sims. C2-00 is priced below 3000 and X1-01 is priced under Rs. 2500
Posted: 08-06-2011 @ 14:13:49
Obiously yes.
Posted: 07-06-2011 @ 13:26:30