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Is the samsung better than nokia???

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Posted: 19-12-2014 @ 12:38:15
Both are gorgeous at there respective places. However, configuration of their products may decide which is better, Samsung or Nokia!
Posted: 04-08-2013 @ 07:14:41
see, if you want looks and apps and sleekness then go for samsung and ofcourse android has its own advantages while if u jusst need a phone to text and call ...and want a sturdy phone then surely nokia is best !
Posted: 20-07-2013 @ 14:58:32
Nokia is best phone .it has simple features and it provides windows phones and samsung provides android phones.some of the nokia phones hangs but it automatically recover itself .nokia phones are highquality and good batery set up so i prefer nokia.
Posted: 09-07-2013 @ 19:06:42
Samsung and nokia have lot of differences , nokia provides windows phones whereas samsung phone provides android which is common in other phones . Nokia phones with more cost hangs sometimes whereas in samsung phone no hanging one and for all flash software is only gone . . . Hence, nokia is not best but better than samsung . . .
Posted: 19-11-2012 @ 19:50:03
I think Nokia is best for its simple programing and easy to use functionality. we can take any number of Nokia, one can understand its technicality in the time less than it takes to understand any of other phone. there are too many reasons behind it.................
Posted: 19-11-2012 @ 15:57:07
certainly samsung is better than nokia because moslty it hangs very less as compared to nokia, also samsung supports android unlike nokia....only durability of samsung is less, else samsung is the best... and for touchscreen phones, u can blindly trust samsung
Posted: 18-11-2012 @ 13:41:53
samsung nice one
Posted: 18-11-2012 @ 12:51:33
i dont think so that the samsung is better than nokia because as i know samsung always hang and its touchscreen phones dont have good quality but nokia mobiles are good in quality i am using nokia phone from last 3 years now also it is very nicely working so i will always recommend a nokia than that of samsung
Posted: 14-11-2012 @ 09:13:10
If you want a phone with good features in low price then you can use samsung
Posted: 13-11-2012 @ 14:37:22
I think samsung is most famaous about his application and his screen touch. but nokia is known strongest and network power. that all thing index samsung. samsung is better than nokia.
Posted: 12-11-2012 @ 13:07:13