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Is Apple iPhone 5 worth buying at such high cost?

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Answers (104)
yep, because when u buy an iphone u have to pay for its os too.. apple ios costs.
Posted: 09-06-2013 @ 17:48:13
No,becoz there are more phones at lower price,which are gud
Posted: 21-03-2013 @ 11:11:24
s it has all features for the upcoming generations people want
Posted: 21-03-2013 @ 01:54:39
ya but they give good Features ......
Posted: 18-03-2013 @ 19:34:03
hai ta cost jiyada e a his ne purchase krna os ne ta EMI krwa k v purchase kr Lena.......
Posted: 16-03-2013 @ 19:18:42
yes it deserves.As we know it has its own status in mobile selling market.Its has a better features than anyother mobile phones.Actually it fulfills all demands of human being.and last word I must say here lots of automobile industries like maruti,bmw,skoda,mercedes etc.and we know why mercedes,bmw and skoda have a higher price than maruti.because we know they have a status in the world and many improved features than maruti thats why their prices are high but we dont negotiate why we are thinking about price of i phone 5. for more clear your is best quotation of one of most business guru Robert kiyosaki.."High prices make a stablity for living.It shows the product is better than other.wheither it is or not"
Posted: 13-03-2013 @ 20:21:01
yes it has all features for the upcoming generations people want
Posted: 12-03-2013 @ 22:32:00
Posted: 12-03-2013 @ 17:47:29
yes bcoz of its features
Posted: 12-03-2013 @ 01:34:44
It worth in telling your status
Posted: 11-03-2013 @ 19:47:21
Why not .. It satisfies all our needs in just a click.. Then what should be wait for.. It has a universal level market and its never going to be on a negative side.. It's time to move on with iPhone5
Posted: 10-03-2013 @ 20:53:53
iPhone5 is a decent buy at Rs 45000(for 16gb variant) for someone who is looking for an easy and fun experience on smartphone. The iOS is excellent, has ton of genuine apps, works smoothly and most importantly both the software and hardware complement eaxh other well. A brilliant camera, a gorgeous screen which is fit for your hands and large enough for videos, solid built, great content with itunes makes music, movies, shows etc easy to buy and enjoy, good support and after service are plus as well. So its a worthy buy if you are looking for a fun experience on your phone.
Posted: 07-03-2013 @ 21:02:50
It depends on what type of user you are........for some it may seem has all the great features though.........and it deserves the price the Apple company keeps...iphone has been made environmental friendly,the stuff they use in making it is environmental friendly.......and Apple spends a lot of budget in their quality control management.......the features and apps the phone provides is just awesome.........the camera ,the networking capability,the look and feel ,the advanced processor A6 which works like charm........the IOS 6 has lot of great features......its full worth of money if you plan to buy it.......Its one time investment.....rocking phone
Posted: 06-03-2013 @ 22:54:09
The 16GB variant is priced at Rs 45,500, 32GB at Rs 52,500 and 64GB at Rs 59,500. The latest version of Apple iPhone will be available in India in both GSM and CDMA. Let’s have a look at the top ten features of the iphone 5. -iPhone 5 will have a 4-inch screen -The new iPhone will be available in black and white -iPhone 5 comes with Apple's newest "A6" processor, which runs twice as fast as the previous generation -The phone has more than 200 new features in iOS 6 -You can update your Facebook status using SIRI! -8 MP camera, 3264x2448 resolution, five element lens, f2.4 aperture, 25% smaller -8hrs LTE browsing, 10 hrs Wi-Fi browsing, 40 hours music, 10 hours video, 225 hours of standby -802.11n 2.4GHz & 5GHz up to 150Mbps, 802.11 a/b/g/n -The phone will have Now: DC-HSPDA, HDPA+ and (expected!)LTE -Apple's Retina Display 326 pixels per inch (ppi)
Posted: 06-03-2013 @ 12:34:01
No. I would recommend you to go with samsung galaxy s2. Both the iphone and s2 have a dual core 1.2ghz processor, 8mp camera, gps, etc. The iphone 5 runs on the latest ios 6 while the s2 runs on google's android 4.0 icecream sandwich. The iphone 5 uses PowerVX graphics which is same graphics used in micromax canvas 2! And there were some problems regarding the iphone's camera and maps. It also lacks fm radio! It comes in variants of 16/32/64gb and doesn't support external storage. The galaxy s2 comes with 16gb internal memory which can be increased with the help of a micro sd card. I guess these points are enough to satisfy your query :)
Posted: 03-03-2013 @ 22:24:36
Posted: 02-03-2013 @ 03:39:33
Yes you can say that.....but if you buy iphone 5 with internal memory 16 GB ,Then it wil cost u much lower almost half and then it would be a perfect deal. hope you like my views....
Posted: 28-02-2013 @ 15:54:28