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In opera mini and ucweb browser which u like to prefer for downloading and why?

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ability to continue to stop unexpectedly reload.[url=]download uc browser[/url] the latest versions
Posted: 14-11-2013 @ 10:08:29
I like to download songs videos softwares in ucweb and i use opera for downloading songs from media fire sites
Posted: 05-05-2012 @ 16:34:36
Opera mini and UC browser isbased on proxy server-to-client architecture, the speed and traffic cost is much better in both. With the same architecture, itseems that the UC browser compressed more than Operamini, But the high speed and less traffic UC gained is at cost of page quality loss. At least, according to the speed and traffic volume tested , UC browser is the winner.Downloading and uploading files on Opera Mini 5 works as well. Currently there is some server issues because uploading fails sometimes, and it has to be started again. Some People keep on claiming UC Browser has the best file manager on J2ME browsers. According to my experience this time, it is much better than the others. Fast speed, resume broken downloads, maximum 9 concurrent download tasks, maximum 3 downloading tasks, manually default download folder setting, and etc… All files downloaded even deleted are remembered in download manager, so once you re-download it again, the system will remind you sothat you could save your time and traffic.thus,uc browser is better.
Posted: 05-11-2011 @ 14:41:16
UC browser is good downloader having good capacity of resume the download & download effectively even at immense traffic. But browsing is much faster in opera mini.
Posted: 04-11-2011 @ 17:23:51
Since your question directly aims at downloading I would say that I prefer ucweb for downloading. I will point out the differences between the downloading experiences I had while using the two browsers. In opera mini if you are using a java phone then you can have at the most two downloads. There is no pause and resume function in it. So if something small happens like a call, network failure then all what you have downloaded goes down the drain. Secondly downloads are possible only in opera mini 5.1, 4.3, 6 and 6.1. If its a symbian phone then you have the pause and resume functions and also have more than two downloads. Whilst in ucweb the greatest advantage is the pause and resume function even in java phones. Though all mobiles do not support java me, for all who support ucweb is a real boon. In symbian phones you can have many downloads going on simultaneously and also put the application in background. But only drawback in lg phones while using ucweb is that the maximum download block size is 5mb and the phone keeps you asking permission after every 5mb to read and access user data. Such a difficulty is not there in other mobiles. Though you have not asked about bolt the latest bolt 2.5 allows one to keep around 5 to 6 multiple downloads in java phones and thats a real merit.
Posted: 30-08-2011 @ 18:18:44

I am tried both opera mini & ucweb browser but l think both are wonderful & suits individual taste & needs,but for me am more homely with opera mini. Opera Mini have some Connection Problems in some time.Opera Mini won't run on every Java ME phone, there are a lot of incompatibilities between Java Me implementations but I believe it will run on the majority of them. UCWEB is a browser from China that doesn't get as much press in the West as it should. It's one of the best mobile browsers available today. Like Skyfire and Opera Mini, UCWEB is a proxy based browser where pages are rendered on a server and compressed before being sent to a thin browser client. This makes all three browsers very fast and gives them the ability to load the largest full-web sites on phones with limited memory. What UCWEB has that none of the others do is tabbed browsing, a sophisticated download manager and the ability to copy text from web pages.
Posted: 21-08-2011 @ 15:05:28
if ur mobile support symbian file system, now u can download the uc browser because uc browser is useble for multiple file means max large than 100 mb its software enable the pause and resume file anytime you want.
Posted: 18-08-2011 @ 19:31:56
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Posted: 15-08-2011 @ 16:54:29
uc browser is best for downloading.
Posted: 14-08-2011 @ 12:11:25
uc browser is faster than operamini.but uc browser does not allow paly of you tube videos
Posted: 11-08-2011 @ 00:25:10
Ucweb comes with the inbuilt download manager witch is better and faster than the opera mini. so, i would prefer Ucweb.
Posted: 10-08-2011 @ 09:21:56
Uc browser supports cache optmz on E DRIVE., png ,any html contents or elements,dload file over 200mb 1time,rtsp links, pw encryption, if u want lightning speed u can select opera java4.3 which will support only wap ,if u select opera symbian paid vrsn it has no speed can be compared to ucweb extra rich feature avail this trial pack free 1month and see compare
Posted: 10-08-2011 @ 04:13:50
Dear, both uc web and opera have lots of individual qualities.... both cannot be compared... uc web supports animated theme but opera dont... opera is faster then ucweb... ucweb supports multiple download and thread support but opera dont... opera keeps a chache of 30 page of history but ucweb keeps only 10... so u see, the browser should be selected according to type of usage... for only browsing work opera is best ...but if u go for download then ucweb is preferable...
Posted: 09-08-2011 @ 17:57:28