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EIR: The Equipment Identity Register is a database employed within mobile networks. The database holds records for 3 types of mobile; namely black, grey and white. When a mobile requests services from the network its IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) may be checked against the EIR, to assess which category of mobile it falls into. Black mobiles are those reported stolen or whose operation on the network will adversely affect network operation. These mobiles will not be allowed to access the network. Grey mobiles are classed as non-conforming, but may be used on the network. White mobiles are those that conform to requirements set down by the network operator. The EIR stores three IMEI classifications: White: Valid GSM Mobile Stations Grey: GSM Mobile Stations to be tracked Black: Barred Mobile Stations IMEI: The IMEI number is a unique number for every valid phone that the network uses to identify the phone. This number is factory preset. If your phone gets stolen you can block the IMEI number, rendering it useless. Please note that this number is unique and you will not find phones with the same original number. Why we say original? Because you can change this number by special software and needed cable. New IMEIs can be programmed into stolen handsets and 10% of IMEIs are not unique." According to a BT-Cellnet spokesman quoted by the BBC. If you want to check what is the IMEI number of your phone you may desolder battery and read number form there - it has 15 digits. Other way is to use keypad *#06# from keypad and you will see IMEI of your phone. Changing of IMEI number is not common or you can say is required in Pakistan, as no operator is using EIR. On the pressure of PTA, may be this would become necessary to install EIR within the operator's network.
Posted: 17-02-2012 @ 18:33:16
yes, by visiting mobile company , Here u can find all reference... ,it can be changed approaching d particular handset company
Posted: 15-08-2011 @ 18:03:15
Yes, you can reinstall software and get IMEI
Posted: 24-05-2011 @ 09:45:39
yes you can, contact service centers
Posted: 23-05-2011 @ 15:04:33
yes, by visiting mobile company
Posted: 23-05-2011 @ 14:33:21
yes, by visiting mobile company
Posted: 23-05-2011 @ 14:16:23
Here u can find all reference...
Posted: 23-05-2011 @ 09:52:24
no u cannot change
Posted: 21-05-2011 @ 20:39:28
yes by jail breaker software
Posted: 20-05-2011 @ 16:59:39
yes it can be changed approaching d particular handset company
Posted: 20-05-2011 @ 15:16:22
yes, by visiting mobile company
Posted: 19-05-2011 @ 21:57:39