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I want to purchase Samsung Galaxy S3 and the lowest price which I am getting online is of Rs.23799 at Please advise.....

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Posted: 23-01-2015 @ 06:39:02
Samsung Galaxy S3 is the best choice for using mobile
Posted: 19-05-2013 @ 15:21:10
Samsung Galaxy S3 is the best choice
Posted: 19-05-2013 @ 14:46:35
s3 is the best choice in this much budget because in the market this phone is not available in price lower than 28k so in for it don't think much.
Posted: 04-05-2013 @ 19:38:05
S3 is a great phone for that price, but if u have a slightly higher budget u can also check out sony xperia sp which is available for around 25k.
Posted: 01-05-2013 @ 10:47:49