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I want to buy a mobile and i am confused between samsung S duos, sony xperia e dual and nokia lumia 520. Which is the best handset out of these 3. Please suggest.

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Posted: 06-11-2014 @ 09:08:08
best mobile phone rating Samsung s duos and cheap price more update fecher
Posted: 07-05-2014 @ 10:34:07
now galaxy s duos 2 is in market at jst Rs 9500 so buy it.... it doesnt hang at all
Posted: 04-05-2014 @ 00:08:27
hai dude, if u want a windows phone then go for nokia. if its about andriod then sony is a better option than samsung as myself used samsung and got stuck in many time with wi-fi apps update even music player.
Posted: 29-03-2014 @ 10:59:35
If u want a cheap smartphone then u should go for samsung galaxy s duos but it have a major problem. The problem is hang and slow speed. I think u should select sony xperia e dual because it is android and dual sim and have no major problems.
Posted: 20-03-2014 @ 22:27:31
It's Nokia Lumia 520, if you have not bought yet your new phone and want Windows phone. Else go for Samsung S Duos, if you are an Android lover.
Posted: 12-03-2014 @ 17:53:32
samsung S duos
Posted: 24-02-2014 @ 02:39:41
Samsung Galaxy S Duos is one of the best smartphone . I am also user of this smartphone . I did not facing any problem from this phone . It has no draw back and battery backup is good and it's processing speed is so fast .
Posted: 24-12-2013 @ 12:28:53
hey frnd i suggest you to buy sony xperia e smart fone , because samsung galaxy s has slow networking which leads to the lack of speed in internet.and in case of nokia lumia 520 it will only supports windows 8 formats files, difficult to use and also bt sony xperia u is fully optimised and it has a lot of features
Posted: 23-08-2013 @ 19:47:05
see dude, I've used three of them. and I can surely give you better choice. Samsung s duos has dual sim problem. All Samsung dual sim has software problem. so don't gn for it. now Sony experia e. you'll feel difference when using it. because Sony has added many different new apps in built in it like smart watch, track id, new Sony walk man music player , etc. but the head phones they are giving is not up to the mark. but the Nokia lumia is best among all of them. first the brand Nokia. they have all that you will need in 10k smart phone. the liquid touch is awesome. for the view of people who already bought it visit and you'll see correct review of this phone. I'll highly recommend Nokia lumia 520, . . .
Posted: 20-08-2013 @ 15:32:34
I suggest you to by samsung S duos.Because it give better experience than remaining two. sony xperia e phone have some software compatibility problems & nokia lumia 520 had many issues on windows 8 OS software.
Posted: 17-08-2013 @ 18:30:12
I suggest you to buy Nokia 520, Because it give better experience than remaining two, I bought it and i feel better because it's processor support fast surfing internet and smooth touchability.
Posted: 16-08-2013 @ 00:20:34