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I like nokia . But now a days all are buyin samsung galaxy phones. I want a phone which is most better ?(nokia or samsung)

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Answers (11)
We all know that the Android platform is one of the best for smartphones today so the best choice would be Samsung.Samsung has been putting a lot of focus on the mobile market in the past 2 years, I would definably go with them.
Posted: 18-07-2013 @ 12:31:29

its not like that.People like samsung nowadays because of its operating system i.e android.but that doesnot mean nokia get back away in phone market.Its lumia series are owesome.You should just try it once.
Posted: 13-03-2013 @ 22:44:14
See man firstly compare to galaxy y and nokia asha.rate:-nokia y.downloading:-nokia asia,branded:-equal.wifi:-galaxy y.processer:-galaxy y by there reasons yo knowing that samsung is better than nokia
Posted: 10-02-2013 @ 09:10:35
Samsung as android os has more apps....
Posted: 07-01-2013 @ 19:01:54
If you want a touchscreen phone with various features then samsung is best or if you want a long life phone then nokia is best. I will prefer you to have a samsung galaxy phone.
Posted: 30-10-2012 @ 17:42:33
Galaxy(low end androids from Sam) Vs. Nokia Nokian : Generally Nokia phones have a sturdy hardware, they don't break easily, they may look a bit out of style but worth it. They have decent software running on decent hardware on the price scale,For example 5xxx phone run on s60 v5 which is ok with the hardware of those phones, later ones like n8, x8, and other run most recent version of symbian, have appropriate hardware. Nokian phones have a large number of apps, but it is bit unconsolidated like in android market, you can find symbian apps by googling. They have firm customer support and software updates over samsung. Galaxy phones : Greedy samsung is been playing with Indian customers with the buzz word "Android" and "cheap", actually in design vice samsung is not even close to NOkia, since all samsung Galaxy phones share the same design, just go to any mobile-phone site and click samsung and you won't notice a big difference in design. Samsung support is worst of all time, they release an average of 3 phones or revised models per month especially in the lower price range. You don't have spares for the particular model after six months. ( Own experience ) Apart from other android handsets, Low end samsung phone are very much easy to brick and impossible to recover. ( experience ) Rethink, Samsung does not provide updates to next android version for low end Galaxy, and even they know that their phones don't last for years. Finally, If you wanna buy something big, buy samsung else buy other brands, not especially nokia, but OTHERS even some indian companies like Karbonn, Micromax etc., Lastly : The two brand really stand apart only in Os side. Nokia : except Os all other is features and design. Samsung : Androids makes Low-end ones Rock. Hardware S***ks.
Posted: 25-10-2012 @ 19:36:06
galaxy phone are good.but nokia is the best.if you want to use a phone for just 1 year.but if u want to use a phone for more years and you should go for nokia.because nokia phones are more hardy..and about the application all are parallel.
Posted: 23-10-2012 @ 12:31:48
these days android phones are getting really popular as they provide better features than nokia's smartphones at a low price. there is a problem of battery drainage on android phones, but this doesnt affects the popularity of droids. i would recommend you to buy an android phone; if you havent used android erlier, you should buy a lower end droid phone first :) u can either choose samsung's galaxy y, its the cheapest trusted brand droid that costs upto 6500 rupees but offers less ram and internal memory and has older os. if you can afford spendung 3000-3500 more, you can buy sony xperia tipo, it has bigger screen, 2.5gb internal memory and 512mb ram, latest 4.0 os and all other features that a droid has. this is the best phone in its price category!
Posted: 21-10-2012 @ 11:48:11
Nokia give long battery , m0stly 3.5 G , SYMBIAN OS , Bt SAMSUNG GALAXY . . . GIVES U ANDROID (Best 0S) , YOU Can use best apps . . . And its give more gud featured
Posted: 20-10-2012 @ 20:39:04
nokia is best because there feature is best'''
Posted: 20-10-2012 @ 17:37:37
mostly buying phones useful fetura are provide in low cost ... compare the other phones....
Posted: 20-10-2012 @ 17:30:36