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How to talk between two cell phones using a local communication like we do in those toy intercoms available in the market? A bluetooth like wireless connection to communicate... Think how good it would be if your partner is staying in a neraby building!!!!!

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There is option in smart phones as PUSH TO TALK. For using it you must create a account in any push to talk supporting web site
Posted: 03-07-2011 @ 14:43:01
It will be very good. But as per my knowledge there is no such bluetooth.
Posted: 03-07-2011 @ 12:55:42
There are softwares like this already available. There is a software called Bluetooth Walkie Talkie using which you can talk using Bluetooth. You can find this software with some of your friends.
Posted: 02-07-2011 @ 20:54:05
i think it is an android app/
Posted: 01-07-2011 @ 17:27:46
there are bluetooth messengers for these purposes from which u can transfer voice messages from one phone to another. and there is a PTT---Push to Talk over Cellular (PoC) is a service option for a cellular phone network which permits subscribers to use their phone as a walkie-talkie with unlimited range. A typical Push to Talk connection connects almost instantly. One significant advantage of PoC / PTT is that it allows a single person to reach an active talk group with a single button press; users need not make several calls to coordinate with a group. this is a technique which came in sony erricson nokia, etc.
Posted: 01-07-2011 @ 16:14:09