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How to get paid apps and games download free in android phone.

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Android technology has reached its height......Most of us nowadys own an android device.So what makes this technology so special ?????It is because of applications provided to android users which improve the functioning of device and for easy everyday use.we can download loads of free apps from playstore......But there are many paid apps out there which attracts us.....!!!!!!!! So how can we get them for free....?????? Here's how : 1.There are apps called 'BLACKMART','APTOIDE'....Just install one of these and we can easily download pad apps for free. 2.Google the name of app followed by '.apk' extension. We will get lots of sites offering the paid versiosn of the app......Download it from there. 3.Use torrent sites..........Search the name of app+'.apk' for eg."Titanium backup pro.apk'' in torrent sites like...piratebay,kickasstorrent..etc. 4.Use file sharing sites like 'Rapidshare' etc .Just go to this site and search for the paid app apk.
Posted: 30-12-2013 @ 12:31:37
One can download apps and games from google play store...but some of them are paid. So ,if you want to download these paid apps then you have to download it from an external source i.e. outside play store. There is a great risk of virus while downloading apps and games from external links as they are not always secured.So ,i am telling you 2 websites which doesnt contain any virus,these are:- 1. 2. Amit Sharma THE MOBILE INDIAN
Posted: 21-12-2013 @ 23:25:00
You can download it from websites. One of the best websites I have seen is, . It gives the latest apks and moreover it gives no ads and all to get confused. Simply one click download. Great website. Visit it once. If you dont get the apk you are looking for, just leave a comment and they will upload it for you..
Posted: 20-09-2013 @ 18:41:47
just go to playstore and sign up and start downloading aaps for ur andriod phone.
Posted: 30-08-2013 @ 19:31:35
Despite what you may have heard, it is possible to download paid apps for free. What we’re doing today is breaking it down for you… Answering the question: How to download paid apps for free. Now, Wwhile most apps on the Android market, or better known as the Google Playstore are free, the creme de la creme still come at a price. Though there are cracked versions of the applications available in the market and some app makers even release free beta or trial versions, it is never the same as having a fully paid app. Also, the cracked versions often play a havoc with the phone software, not mentioning the void in warranty. However, there are ways to easily get apps for free without having to root the system… Here’s how: 4Shared: 4shared is an app for Android users which lets users download paid apps for free. There’s are absolutely no charges. The beauty of the app is that it works from both, your PC as well as your phone. The 4Shared app for the smartphone is available in Google Playstore and can be easily downloaded. Also, files can easily be shared with other Android users. There are filters set so users have an option to choose and download from multiple versions of the app depending on compatibility with their phone. To search for a file on your PC, download the 4shared application and type the name of the app you wish to dowmload with .apk as the extension. Eg: Zto download the Swift3 Keyboard app, type swift3keyboard.apk in the search bar and hit enter. Choose from the version you wish to download and save it on your system. Once the file is completely downloaded, transfer it to your phone. You can then go to app saved on your phone, install the app and you're ready to go! android Amazon: Amazon's mobile application is a veritable storehouse of apps paid apps available for free. The list of free apps is updated daily and there are often discounts and promotions on paid apps during the festive seasons. The Amazon app store also has a feature termed 'Test Drive' using which apps can be tested before installation. To download apps from the Amazon App Store, visit and download the Amamzon application. Once the application is downloaded, click on Amazon_Appstore-release.apk in your notifications bar and install the app. Once the Amazon app is installed, you can browse through their gallery and download apps accordingly. Some important points to remember while installing apps for free: 1. Remembering the location the app is saved in on the phone 2. Compatibility with the phone 3. File size and impact on other apps Remember to go to settings and click on 'Allow installation of non-market apps' before trying to install the apps. Though the apps can be availed for free, care should be taken that they do not affect the phone's software and are compatible. Read the terms and Conditions carefully before downloading apps.
Posted: 14-04-2013 @ 09:57:45
You can get paid app for free from just search for .apk and you can get a lot of both paid and free apps after you find your app you can click on it it will direct you to another page with the download link,click on the link or copy it and you will be directed to a site where the download will take place...please note one download at one time for a guest member and unlimited for premium can also download from,but you should have a torrent client,,download utorrent from www​ please note : allow non market applications to be downloaded to your android by going to Menu > Settings > Applications and make sure “Unknown sources” is checked.
Posted: 07-04-2013 @ 12:38:18
Here I can show you a very "easy" way to obtain paid-Android apps for free! 1. Go to from your android smartphone. 2. In the search bar type in the name of the app you want followed by".apk" (example: gamboid.apk) 3. After you click the search buttonyou'll see a listof many versions of the app you want. I'd suggest you pick out the latest version you see. 4. After you download theapp, click on itfrom the download list on your browser. A listwill pop up saying"Complete Action with:". Click "PackageInstaller". 5. Your app will then be installed on your phone! Simple! Now you can save lots of money by downloading paid apps for free! Tell your friends about it :) Ps: you can also try other sharing websites to download paid-Android apps. Some ofthe best sites are "Mega Upload", "Hot File", and"Rapid Share".You can't search directlyfrom these sites, so I suggest to use tosearch for apps from many sharing sites. 4shared is the most easy since youcan search directly from that site. Enjoy!
Posted: 06-04-2013 @ 22:12:42
There is Best site providing paid apps for free or hacked apps, go to and scroll down and click on android games or apps,you will get alist of it. If you are gong to search phoneky,do not use the search in top search in downn of the site. and do not forget to read instruction of apps and games,they provide fake codes and everything there. Phoneky is A good site for Paid apps
Posted: 05-04-2013 @ 09:35:37
You can torrent it, or u can find it on google, or there are several websites which distributes the android software free of cost...
Posted: 04-04-2013 @ 13:49:58
Just go to Google type the name of the Game/App and download the torrent of ".apk" file. After that transfer that file onto your mobile and give the permission to install any app from unknown sources, after that open your file and install.... Your Game/App is ready for your use.
Posted: 03-04-2013 @ 19:26:46