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How to copy full contact directory from one phone to another phone without removing Sim from phone?

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Answers (5)
In S60v5 and S40: Select all Contects and> send Business Card> Via Bluetooth. U can Use Phone Switch App in Your Phone.
Posted: 29-03-2011 @ 16:20:41
u move all ur contacts 2 memory card ... n send 2 another mobile via BLUETOOTH
Posted: 29-03-2011 @ 14:55:29
u can send all the contacts through Bluetooth to another mobile otherwise you can do it by connecting a pc.
Posted: 29-03-2011 @ 14:06:33
Use netqin antivirus & backup all contact to sd card. Than all contact to other mobile via all contacts in inbox. Thats over.
Posted: 29-03-2011 @ 11:44:13
You can easily do it by connecting it to a computer. The pc suite has options for contacts. You can easily copy and paste the contacts in the next phone. The complete process takes place without involving any change in the sim card.
Posted: 28-03-2011 @ 13:31:45