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How many apps do you have on your smartphone? How many do you actually use?

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Answers (6)
Hi Nilabh, There is no minimum limit on how many apps and games u should hav on your smartphone, it all depends on ur uses and priorities. If you r a gaming person, you should use games, while if you are a businessman, you should have business apps. If you are a fitness freak, you can try fitness apps. So in short, u can use any apps according to your needs.
Posted: 13-07-2012 @ 20:37:40
So you’ve got a smartphone, an iPhone or Android device, whatever. How many apps have you installed on it? How many do you actually use? An interesting post over at 37signal, Ten Apps is All I Need obviously suggests that 10′s the magic number. Personally, I seem to use 16 apps on my iPhone on a daily basis, probably in this order: Mail Messages Feeddler Pro Twitter Safari Evernote 2Do Words with Friends Weather Billings Kindle/Kobo/iBooks (depends on what I’m reading) Remote RunKeeper (okay, maybe every other day) Instagram Globe News Tabs There are a slew of other apps that I use irregularly, and then a ton of games that my son is indiscriminately wont to grab my iPhone our of my hand and play. In total, though, I have about 176 apps actually on my iPhone at any given time. And I’ve got over 1,000 in my iTunes library. Clearly, most of my apps just sit around collecting dust. But, you know, it’s my job to download and try out random apps, so I’m probably quite different than the average smartphone user.
Posted: 12-11-2011 @ 11:42:50
using apps in smartphone is like listning songs of your media library. some installed apps u use all the time, some are latest and forgotten with times & some are just to waste your space on phone. I am an android user & generally use 20 to 40 apps altogether after downloading them from market.
Posted: 30-10-2011 @ 21:09:45
i am using n900 my phone also have lot of apps avilable in store . just like all the others i also download them but many of the apps which i download have no use in my daliy life over 75 apps i have in my ph but i use only 10 or 15 of them . so this also causing my ph to slows down coz of this unwanted apps . just like others i also dont have much time to uninstall all these unwanted apps its takes time na . so better u try not to take unwanted apps this may result in ur ph performence level and may also increase ur security and hacking problems
Posted: 26-10-2011 @ 19:59:18
In the past year, Windows Phone was among the fastest growing app catalogs in history (a close second to Apple in growth rate) and today features thousands of apps and games, including 90% of the most popular titles available on both the top two leading smartphones according to TNS research. This week I’ll take a look at five of those most popular apps available on smartphones today, including: Amazon Kindle, Bank of America, The Weather Channel, IMDb, and CNN – all on Windows Phone. you can use the apps on the basis of your smartphones specification.
Posted: 23-10-2011 @ 10:48:27
many of us have interest in feeding the phone with apps ... so that at the time we dont need to download it from the net... which takes tym.. actually.
But if u see from my point of view this is just done to impress people or for owns interest but this decreases the phones memory n performance too...
And nowadays we have all the things on the website so there is no need to load ur phone with those bulky apps... which actually are not in use...
Posted: 16-10-2011 @ 19:17:37