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How can i use the bluetooth in Apple i3 phone?

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Posted: 21-01-2015 @ 08:18:52
take the Bluetooth device to use. then follow Home screen>Menu>Settings>General>Bluetooth. & turn it on. The phone will search for Bluetooth devices. If it found your device then it will ask for PIN, which you can enter according to your wish. its ready to use.
Posted: 24-10-2011 @ 16:21:00
1. Set your Bluetooth device to discoverable. 2. From the Home screen, select Settings . 3. Select General . 4. Select Bluetooth . 5. Set Bluetooth to On . 6. The iPhone starts searching for Bluetooth devices. It should show up on the screen where you canenter the PIN code. Enter thePIN (usually located in the manual) . You should then be ready to use the Bluetooth device with your iPhone.
Posted: 28-09-2011 @ 23:08:57
The iPhone has bluetooth functionality only for headsets. Stupid Apple didn't want to add any extra functionality so we would continue to update their firmware. They're doing this as a form of control over their product, so that any hacks/cracks become unsuable with each update. Expect more bluetooth functionality in future firmware updates.
Posted: 26-09-2011 @ 16:20:07
The following steps should answer your query. Select Settings and then General. In general tap on Bluetooth. Just sliding the bluetooth slides should start the bluetooth. Say you want to connect your bluetooth headsets to iPhone just turn the bluetooth on the headsets on. Put it in discoverable mode. The range is important. More than 30 feet and it wont work. Keep the phone in your pocket and it wont work. Next Pair the devices and enter the four-digit passcode from the user manual. Connect them. Though I should warn you that i phone does not recognise other phones including nokia. Even other phones cant discover i phone. Maybe i phone bluetooth does not work even in other i phones or even computer keyboards. Its only for headsets and no matter what you feel there's nothing much you can do when it comes to the i phone bluetooth.
Posted: 23-09-2011 @ 23:38:06