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How To Save Battery Life span With An iPod Touch pad?

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decrease teh brigtness and contract charge only when the battery is very less nt if 50% listen songs nt at full volume
Posted: 21-09-2011 @ 17:15:06
Just as with an iPhone or iPod Touch, the battery life of your iPad will be shorter during heavy use. However, there are some measures you can take to keep your device on and active for hours of enjoyment, and this article explains what you can do to lengthen the battery life.
Posted: 08-09-2011 @ 12:47:25
Keeping your iPod touch battery healthy is important for ensuring the long life of your device. There are two factors to consider when learning how to keep the battery in an iPod touch strong: battery life and battery lifespan. Battery life refers to the length of time your battery will stay charged. Battery lifespan refers to the amount of time your can use your battery before it requires a replacement. If you are concerned about the overall performance of your iPod's battery, you should focus on increasing the life of your battery.Keep your iPod at room temperature. Although an iPod touch can be stored anywhere from -4 degrees F to 113 degrees F, it's best to keep it at room temperature, which is 73 degrees F.....Keep your iPod's software updated using iTunes. Updates not only include new software for your iPod touch, they also include updates to the device's firmware that can increase the device's battery life........Go through a minimum of one charge cycle per month. You got through an entire charge cycle by fully charging the battery, using the device until the battery is dead and then fully charging the device. Charge cycles are important because the electrons within an iPod's lithium-based battery need to move in order to perform at their peak ability.........
Posted: 06-09-2011 @ 07:52:25
you can save battery by reducing brightness and by closing unwanted applications.
Posted: 05-09-2011 @ 21:10:16
It's depending upon the usage of touching the pad. normally in ipod video takes more battery when we are using. To reduce battery life, just avoid more usage of video etc.
Posted: 05-09-2011 @ 20:57:44
Well you can't increase a battery capacity . Paying attention to just a few commonsense pointers will pay off with a longer battery lifespan and battery life for your iPod. The most important thing is to keep your iPod out of the sun or a hot car (even the glove box). Heat will degrade your battery’s performance the most. Some Terms You Need to Understand “Battery life” means the time your iPod will run before it must be recharged (sometimes this is also called “playtime” or “runtime”). “Battery lifespan” means the total amount of time your battery will last before it must be replaced. iPod Temperate Zone. Your iPod works best from 32° to 95° F. You should store it in environments of -4° to 113° F. That’s 0° to 35° C and -20° to 45° C for the metrically inclined. Keeping your iPod as near room temperature as possible (72° F or 22° C) is ideal. Update to the Latest Software Always make sure your iPod has the latest software from Apple, as engineers may find new ways to optimize battery performance. For instance, early iPod models without a dock connector benefit from update 1.3 or later. Using iTunes 7.4 or later, you can update your iPod with the latest software. Put your iPod in its dock or plug it into your computer and iTunes will notify you if an update is available. Use iPod Regularly For proper maintenance of a lithium-based battery, it’s important to keep the electrons in it moving occasionally. Be sure to go through at least one charge cycle per month. If you use your iPod infrequently (gasp), you might want to add a reminder to your calendar program. Extend Your Battery Life If you want to extend the battery life of your iPod for any given charge cycle, you may conserve power by following these tips. Hold and Pause It may seem obvious, but set the Hold switch when you aren’t using your iPod. This will prevent iPod controls from inadvertently waking up iPod and using unnecessary power. Also, if you are not listening to iPod, pause it, or turn it off by pressing the play button for two seconds.
Posted: 05-09-2011 @ 14:40:29
decrease teh brigtness and contract charge only when the battery is very less nt if 50% listen songs nt at full volume
Posted: 05-09-2011 @ 13:42:53