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How 3G is more advanced than 2G?

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I'll put it in simple terms 2G – SMS, slow downloading speeds 2.5G MMS, bit faster downloading speeds 3G – Video Calling, Faster downloading speeds 3.5G – even faster downloading speeds 3G lets you video call, use the internet a lot faster and uses more battery life. 3G is 'better' because it allows you to spend more money by using multimedia and data from your Telco. :P
Posted: 29-02-2012 @ 09:41:50
Actually the basic difference between the 2G ad 3G systems is--- 1.In 2G the sim data space is 64byte while in case of 3G the space is 128byte. 2 As all said in the previous answers, the speed of 3G is much higher when compared to that of 2G. This is mainly because of the reason, in 2G we are not using the wavelength controller program so hence the voice clarity is less. But in case of 3G the voice clarity is higher. 3.The main and important difference between these two systems is, the internet speed. In 2G we are using the EDGE as the internet protocol but in case of 3G we are using GLOBAL (G) as the internet protocol. 4.The 3G users no need to worry about the buffering speed level of videos. 5.In todays (17/1/2011) Indian Express it is given that, the Indian government should implement IPv6 version of the internet protocol which is much more faster and efficient than the current version of IPv4. IPv6 is currently used by the government of America and Japan. 6.By implementing the IPv6, the country's 1.17billion people can access the internet with much lower cost. 7.One small hint about the Generation of internet is, 4G system is failure because of some technical errors. So some developed countries looking forward for the research of the introduction of 5G.
Posted: 28-02-2012 @ 14:46:35
2G ( also known as EDGE) is a 2nd Generation Data Network It is not as fast as a 3g network. it can get speeds up to 2.2 MBS, it also works better than 3g if 3g doesntd have a good signal because EDGE doesnt require as much signal to function 3G- ( aka HSPA) is a 3rd generation network, it is much faster than a 2g network, but requires alot of signal to function to the fullest. can get up to 7.2 MBS (much faster than 2g) but can also crap out on you alot
Posted: 06-09-2011 @ 15:03:28
The most noticeable difference between 3G and 2G networks is for phone users who download data and browse the Internet on a mobile phone. 3G networks have much faster download speeds and allow quicker access to data and applications on the phone. 2G networks are less compatible with smart phone functionality. 2G phones can transmit data at a maximum speed of less than 50,000 bits per second; 3G networks can transmit at more than four million bits per second. 3G networks are more secure than 2G networks. The enhanced network capability of 3G allows for better security, including encryption, but not all networks come with those security packages, according to Information Week. For personal users on 2G networks, these extra security features were unnecessary because phones did not transmit data Phones on both the 2G and 3G networks are capable of making calls, with no real noticeable differences except for video calling. The 2G network can't handle the data stream of a video call, but the 3G network can. Both networks allow for the transmission of text messages and photo transmission, but 2G networks may have a data limit and will transmit data much more slowly.
Posted: 01-09-2011 @ 08:34:11
it enables you to "do more" with your mobile phone as well as 3G lets you video call, use the internet a lot faster and uses more battery life than 2G
Posted: 02-06-2011 @ 11:40:12
Yes 3G is more advanced than 2G
Posted: 02-06-2011 @ 11:38:31
3G network provides greater GPRS speed compared to 2G networks. 3G also provides more facilities like live vedio calling, live mobile calling , vedio MMS ,etc.
Posted: 01-06-2011 @ 23:44:59
3G is video call, use the internet a lot faster and uses more battery life. 3G is 'better' because it allows you to spend more money by using multimedia and data from your Telco
Posted: 01-06-2011 @ 19:54:23
3G has dedicated data transfer line
Posted: 01-06-2011 @ 16:09:59
Posted: 01-06-2011 @ 16:06:16
3G phones are much more expensive than 2G phones because these phones use much more advanced technology than the ones that are on 2G phones Read more:
Posted: 01-06-2011 @ 13:36:05