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Hi I m using nokia 5233 mobile with symbian os. Can i change os to android in my mobile?

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maxxspy Once installed on your target phone, add your monitor number to the settings. This is simply the phone number you will be listening from. Then turn the feature on by sending a hidden message to the phone. This is all done easily right inside your online dashboard.
Posted: 05-12-2014 @ 08:25:41
Its possible! f##rs. Its just not developed by anyone by now. e.g. old galaxy star, x2, there is active developement going on for belle based symbian phones. To everyone - do a search befoe posting anything.
Posted: 15-05-2014 @ 23:45:18
yes but your phone word slowly and poor response .when you move to android plz keep your os backup
Posted: 07-05-2014 @ 10:39:06
nt possible at all .... they r two different O.S. (operating system) so u cant change it from one form to other
Posted: 04-05-2014 @ 00:10:43
Sorry ,but i don't think that is possible because of hardware limitations as nokia 5233 is made to handle only symbian o.s....But on the internet you can find some references saying you can transform your phone into android ...But don't get fooled by these as in case you succeed it will affect your phone's performance in a drastic way....... My advice would be to get a new android cell phone if you can.....or stick on with your nokia 5223......Good luck..Hope this helps....
Posted: 30-12-2013 @ 12:58:21
Yes u can move to Android but make sure ur phone support Linux kernel and also plz keep back up of ur OS possibly it may also failed but u can try... "PLZ KEEP UR OS BACK-UP"
Posted: 24-08-2013 @ 17:49:26
Not possible.. cause Android os comes with its own specification that symbian doesn't support. so its better to switch to New mobile with Android os.
Posted: 24-08-2013 @ 16:12:58
I think it is not possible because Android require some technical specification for the phone
Posted: 23-08-2013 @ 08:42:51
see dude! I was also using symbian os v2. I have done have done all the experiment with it! there's no way you can install android os in it. But practically you can do some important things to improve your os, go to the Nokia care and update your os and also it'll improve your phone performance. install third party software which are great! for this visit you'll get all hacked version. so, there will be no need of buying some app. but the better thing is that you purchase android smartphone.
Posted: 20-08-2013 @ 15:07:03
No it is not possible...........
Posted: 19-08-2013 @ 19:10:04
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Posted: 19-08-2013 @ 15:58:57
No, that is not possible! you need to switch to an Android device if you want Android OS.
Posted: 19-08-2013 @ 14:27:00
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Posted: 19-08-2013 @ 13:39:06