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Hey I just bumped into this page in search of Samsung Smartphone and found these guys selling branded mobiles at an attractive price. Most of the product are refurbished but with warranty. With such discount I really feel like trying one :)... Pls advise ??

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Posted: 22-12-2014 @ 16:43:22
Hi, i wanna buy samsung galaxy s2 from gobol today itself. Can someone suggest me
Posted: 11-08-2013 @ 13:37:55
Hi, i wanna buy samsung galaxy s2 from gobol today itself. Can someone suggest me
Posted: 11-08-2013 @ 13:18:38
Hi, i wanna buy samsung galaxy s2 from gobol today itself. Can someone suggest me
Posted: 11-08-2013 @ 12:54:27

Hi , Evn I saw this website one particular day and was quite curious to know how its products were .. I ordered one Nikon coolpix camera at a 19% discount and received it in 3-4 days. It was with warranty and it is also functioning well for the past 4 months. It only has a minor blemish on its body which is not noticeable. So I am happy to buy it at such a heavy discount.
Posted: 24-07-2013 @ 16:53:17
Guys I have recvd my Galaxy S3.. its cool.. lukng as good as the new one and yes Jhanvi it did carry the Samsung Warranty card.. Me too is a happy and satisfied customer.. Cheers
Posted: 15-03-2013 @ 15:49:22
Hi EvilDead.........It's not true. is on the lines of abroad. They are providing platform for such products in India backed with manufacturer warranty as specified. For ex. with a refurbished Samsung phone you have Samsung warranty card attached with it. And yes they have cash on delivery option and as well as return policies. I am one of the happy and satisfied customer of
Posted: 15-03-2013 @ 15:37:46
i don't think its a worth site...may there must be some internal defect in the device which would be identified later on.... if this gonna happen then the other sites like, would be severely cursed... Moreover my webrep doesn't give this site much rating so i don't think you should buy from there unless and untill its cash on delivery and 15 days money back gaurantee... rest all your decision!
Posted: 12-03-2013 @ 16:17:19
Guys I have ordered one Samsung Galaxy SIII @ Wait will share the feedback in next couple of days :)
Posted: 07-03-2013 @ 14:15:15
They have Home & Kitchen appliances also with great discount on branded products. I am looking forward to buy one microwave at such a cheap price with warranty. Please share your feedback…
Posted: 07-03-2013 @ 14:01:01
I purchased Samsung Galaxy SII from Gobol about a week back and must say i am really happy with the shopping experience. Though refurbished, the phone is as good as a brand new one. The packaging was nice and although its been just a week, i think it was a good decision that i purchased the phone from Gobol. What more, i got the it for just 19k! :)
Posted: 06-03-2013 @ 16:04:04