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Hey ! My nokia c2 00 youtube videos unable to open .

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Hey Dude, I came to know about this website. It contain really some valuable information which can prove to be very effective for 3gp video files. Good luck!
Posted: 24-12-2013 @ 15:27:57
It may be happen due to corruption. You can restore your damaged files by using Nokia 3GP Recovery Software. It is a powerful software which have ability to repair the severely corrupted files and makes them accessible again. So you can download the software to check its working speed. Read More Information:-
Posted: 30-04-2013 @ 10:45:50
Nokia c2-00 not support streaming videos.
Posted: 13-03-2013 @ 19:00:26
youtube videos has different formats like flv,mp4,3gp please check the format ur mobile supports and enjoy to watch youtube videos in ur mobile
Posted: 12-03-2013 @ 22:37:55
Download real player to your phone it will support youtube
Posted: 11-03-2013 @ 19:51:16
u have internet activated on ur phone, and do u have a data allowance? If so, maybe try going to a site named getjar and download the youtube streaming app there, it works well on java phones. One more thing to consider, when u visit youtube on ur phones browser, are u making sure u visit the mobile site?
Posted: 09-03-2013 @ 19:58:17
nokia c2-00 not support streaming videos
Posted: 09-03-2013 @ 19:41:25
same problem
Posted: 09-03-2013 @ 09:11:32
Sorry friend I Know its features and it did'nt support watching online so you cant watch videos on youtube but some are good features:- Nokia C2-00 features: *. Hot Swap-Enabled SIM Slot *. Nokia Messaging *. Internet *. FM radio *. Micro SD card
Posted: 27-02-2013 @ 14:47:07
because nokia c2 00 not suppor streeming videos
Posted: 21-02-2013 @ 12:44:47
My phone also nokia C2-00 . I Have that same problem only .
Posted: 19-02-2013 @ 22:09:32
Nokia c2 00 will not support all types of videos
Posted: 29-01-2013 @ 23:45:49
My friend main problem in this phone is Software problem so it is not the problem of any settings and service providers also try making the Streaming setting on your configuration setting option but i think it is no use so for permanent solution plz contact nokia care dial Your STD code first and dial 30303838 and tell them your problem with full detail and i am 100% sure that they solve your problem.So instead of wasting time in thinking contact above number.
Posted: 23-11-2012 @ 20:21:09
Posted: 16-07-2012 @ 21:12:23
Your nokia c2 00 handset supports online video from youtube. It is false that it is not support them. For online videos, first of all you should go to your video player settings, here you should check the web settings of video. Your online video option is off. Change it ,and set to on. And check other web settings of your, perhaps, your phone may not be able to play them, then make a call to customer care helpline. You should get the complete solution of your problem. But first, you have to check the settings. This problem also happned wid me, then i call to customer care, and he give me solution .Now you should try it.
Posted: 08-07-2012 @ 11:38:54
u can use only jigsee app download from ovi store to see videos........
Posted: 04-07-2012 @ 10:53:19
Hey friend please go to your music player settings and check whether streaming settings are correct or not
Posted: 02-07-2012 @ 19:59:22