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China made non branded mobile phone? does anybody have any experience?

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Better don't try
Posted: 08-02-2012 @ 22:25:24
Chinees mobiles having a great field in india, today. In the starting these non branded phones having so many weaknesses and not so good features, like low battery backup, large size,much weight and etc...But in today's time these non branded phones also having a small name brand.Having better feautures, but these are not competitive of branded phones like, nokia, Apple,samsung, sony etc.....China made having only multimedia features . Some mobiles gives internet facilites but they are failed to use that. If they excces net , result is not so good. So these having only multimedia features, like music,video, camera, bluetooth....But the main advantages of the modern chinaes phones is that,they have better and great battry babkup, and having much better sound . Thanx , if u like my post.......
Posted: 07-02-2012 @ 17:13:08
china phones are just gud for multimedia like songs, video. its battery is bad u can insert the nokia battery in it. it runs smoothly for an year or 2, but after getting some problem like in rain some water entering in phone, or falling of phone from a height will start problems for you. network is weak in china. camera is also not much gud. but its cheap. its features are increasing day by day.
Posted: 06-02-2012 @ 15:25:44
Yes,i brought one for rs 3000 it had a good sound sound,but touch screen was very bad,it had internet option but i nvr succeded in installing proper setting,it had a ebook reader but it didnt work,but the call function worked properly and lasted hardly 1and half years..
Posted: 28-01-2012 @ 19:32:45
It Doesnt have ram space for net ,downloads,settings ,install ,web connection [ only wap wit default br.] ,there are china made clone available for n8,iphone,, best only for multimedia it hv mp4 codecs which nokia s60 2 device doesnt hv ,also it can play gif wallpaper,
Posted: 25-01-2012 @ 02:28:50
Non branded means those have not good fame in market. Non branded companyes have not great care about towarts quality controle and on some other problems. This leads to probability of occuring problems to the customers of those non branded ones.
Posted: 08-06-2011 @ 03:35:28
yes i have an experience . now i tel you that china mobiles come with imei and good qality also . in branded you are charged more for mobiles. but china phones are cheaper. if they dont have manufactured dual sim still now you will not abel to get dual sim in branded. now at last nokia has launched duelsim . and china phone lanched tv mobile for 3500 but until now no one has launched it . the are more faster. one more thing in china mobile if u have virus it will run but branded will be hanged. but china is for use and throw only becase if u want to repair it the cost will be nearly the new once
Posted: 08-06-2011 @ 00:23:11
hey guy, i don't think so that it will be a right choice if you do so. you will be doing any hazzitaded somekind if you are chaseing the lowest range or china goods. so buy any mobile which is of a safe and well known company. that would be right for you.............. okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Posted: 06-06-2011 @ 16:19:25
chain brand mobile phone is only use n through.this is not fair,u have one time invest ur money another brand mobile so u have simel in ur face evryb time.
Posted: 05-06-2011 @ 21:13:48
yes they are the worst phones i have ever had
Posted: 04-06-2011 @ 09:19:52
yes,i had china made non branded cellphone i advice you to never buy the china phone beca
Posted: 27-05-2011 @ 17:23:48
Don't purchase any china (Without IMEI no.) it is e legal and not working properly after some months.
Posted: 26-05-2011 @ 16:16:08
yes i had an experience.some 3 yrs ago i had bought a china mob and it is always told that if you buy a china it would not work properly n it wll get blasted but it was a miracle that it workd very well,evrything was good music,message,etc. but there was only two things that i dnt like about the phone is the battery life n i could nt acces to net coz of 0kb phone memory.these two things i would say n tel evryone nt to buy it.
Posted: 25-05-2011 @ 18:03:43
they are just like a waste. you can't even run apps on it nor even any game and after a few months of their purchase they start showing problems
Posted: 22-05-2011 @ 19:03:26
What does a microprocessor in a cell phone do?
Posted: 22-05-2011 @ 13:43:12
no its waste and u cant browse internet and download anything
Posted: 19-05-2011 @ 16:36:41
Posted: 19-05-2011 @ 08:57:12