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Can we get wifi by using a software and a device freely?

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A WiFi device operates on an electronic chip called a "chipset". We can find the same chipset in several different devices. Consequently, the driver/module for one chipset will work for all wireless devices using that chipset. Free software based systems such as Debian depend on the cooperation between manufacturers and developers to produce and maintain quality drivers and firmware. Drivers and firmware are what determine if and how well your hardware works.
Posted: 05-04-2012 @ 08:58:52
download connectify on laptop and u can use it as wi fi hotspot
Posted: 01-04-2012 @ 18:39:36
just use
Posted: 18-07-2011 @ 23:23:05
Basically wifi hotspots serve as the local wifi server... If u are the owner of that wifi hotspot, then u can do it you usaid... if the hotspot is in your college or some other places, then u'll need permissions from the authority by means of a username and password and they may ask u pay for that... I hope u got it..
Posted: 14-07-2011 @ 23:10:07
only if the wi-fi hotspot is free.
Posted: 13-07-2011 @ 22:45:36
No,this technology can be used with an additional or inbuilt wireless wifi device from one provider to some users.
Posted: 13-07-2011 @ 20:13:49
no we can't get wi fi using softwares
Posted: 09-07-2011 @ 23:36:25
The Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector is an accessory, developed jointly by Nintendo and Buffalo Technology, which allows Nintendo DS and Wii users without a Wi-Fi connection or compatible Wi-Fi network to establish one via a broadband-connected PC. Inserted into the host PC's USB port, the connector functions with Nintendo DS, Wii, and DSi permitting the user to connect to the Internet to play Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection games and various other online functionality. The product was the best selling Nintendo accessory to date, according to the official Nintendo site on 15 November 2007, but was discontinued in the same month until further notice. On September 8, 2008, Nintendo announced the Nintendo Wi-Fi Network Adapter, an 802.11g wireless router/bridge which serves a similar purpose.
Posted: 09-07-2011 @ 16:14:08