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Can we do call or sms free of cast in between bluetooth connected mobile?

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A better option all round is Bluetooth. This sends information over radio waves to any device that is set up to receive it. This is quick, free and secure as in most cases you'll have to specifically "pair" two devices to exchange information between them. Even if information is sent to you phone from an unknown source, you'll have to deliberately choose to accept that information in order to download it. This is important because the first few viruses for mobile phones are spread by Bluetooth - so if someone sends you a mysterious ".sis" file you can choose to deny it and you won't be harmed. Good practice with Bluetooth is keep it switched off by default and only turn it on to perform specific exchanges. Not only does this save your mobile's battery, but it prevents any stray nasty's talking to your phone. To find out if you have Bluetooth, go to your connections menu and see what options you have. If you find a Bluetooth listing, set it to "on" and then search for other devices. Your phone should pick up any devices that have Bluetooth turned on within around a ten metre radius. Choose the device you want to send your file to and the receiver will have to accept the file at their end. The memory restrictions that apply to messaging shouldn't apply to Bluetooth as most devices that have this technology are set to save any files they receive to larger main memory by default.
Posted: 30-03-2012 @ 15:52:41
Yes, it is possible to call or sms free of cast in but bluetooth connected mobile it depends on your mobile facility.
Posted: 29-03-2012 @ 10:42:21
its possible to send sms, notes ,music,pics thru bluetooth but not possible to make call
Posted: 01-10-2011 @ 18:49:50
Yes, you can send free sms using Bluetooth but it also depends on which kind of mobile phone do you have? If you are using Samsung mobile then you will get preinstalled BLUETOOTH MESSENGER in your phone and if you are using Nokia, Sony or any other brand so you can download Bluetooth Messenger Application from Internet.
Posted: 01-10-2011 @ 13:17:54
you can only send sms by the bluetooth
Posted: 19-07-2011 @ 15:14:24
You cant call but, you can chat...the is a third party software available named 'im+bluetooth'...i used to use it in my Old phone( Nokia 6600)...
Posted: 12-07-2011 @ 08:32:42

Bluetooth data sending apps available for sms,notes,gprs,call,gaming,chatting,remote,any java or sis file, & ?, advanced app r known for gprs,and call by blutooth
Posted: 09-07-2011 @ 03:02:46
you cannot call though you send messages in notes to each other.
Posted: 05-07-2011 @ 10:17:33
yes u can send voice mails, talk, message through apps like Walkietooth, Bluetooth messenger they do it for free just download them and enjoy.
Posted: 04-07-2011 @ 19:38:54