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Can anyone tell me top ten ANDROID application?

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whatsapp instagram uc browser angry birds fruit ninja skype viber im+ winamp music player
Posted: 30-06-2012 @ 12:53:47
It on this site .u would find the top 10 android app.Please do not challenge the host ,i beleve on them.
Posted: 15-06-2012 @ 20:59:59
1.astro file manager Remember that old mp3 player (note: Not iPod) that simply stored information as files and folders? Remember how dead simple and easy to get to exactly what you wanted, when you wanted it? Thanks in part to Metago, the ASTRO File Manager app replicates this method and puts you in charge of your device, and not vice-versa. Part file manager, part digital Swiss Army knife, if there’s only one productivity app you’re willing to put on your Android device 2.camcard Sure, the business card has been on the decline since Don Draper left Sterling Cooper, but that doesn’t mean your post-conference notebook isn’t stuffed full of watermarked, embossed, and printed paper. You could spend a few hours on the flight home to enter all those contacts in your address book, but why? CamCard delivers on it’s promise, and with the snap of an iris, CamCard can recognize key text and titles, phone numbers, and email addresses, and *insto-presto*, contacts entered into your address book. A huge time saver for just about any working professional. 3.dropbox If you’re not already intimately familiar with DropBox’s services, please stop reading, and go get yourself an account. A go-to for anyone working on more than one machine, the ‘box’s Android application keeps my files with me at all times. Not so different from it’s iPhone counterpart, but still, a flawless execution of a dead-simple concept that’s hard to beat. 4.ever note Like Dropbox above, Evernote belongs in every professional professional’s toolkit. Evernote has been spotlighted time and time again, and it’s quite clear to see why. An organizer/idea saver/note taker/to-do list(er), Evernote keeps just about everything you’d want to take at a look at later in a neatly organized format. Similar to the Dropbox app, I didn’t notice too many glaring differences between the iOS and Android version, but good to know that no matter which OS you’re packing, 5.ezpdf reader I’m going to go out on a limb with this one, and it’s not too often that a 3rd party app does it better than the original, but in this case, Adobe’s got a thing or two to learn (or an acquisition to make) from Unidocs Inc.. After just one day with the “Official” Adobe PDF Reader app, I was left with the striking impression that something wasn’t just quite right. It’s not that Adobe’s version didn’t have everything I need, but that’s about it. Unidocs’ ezPDF Reader was far more intuitive that the official app, and I had a PDF annotated and replied before I was even up and running with Adobe’s version. docs Hallelujah, and why did this one take so long? With Google being behind the Android market, it’s quite surprising that they’ve not rolled out an entire suite of Google based products for Android. Thankfully, only just a few weeks ago, Google released the Official Google Docs app for Android. Initially, I was confounded, as I couldn’t edit my existing files, and jumped to, “FAIL.” However, it takes an “update documents to latest document format,” to edit docs on your Android device. Once updated, the app functioned like a charm, allowing me plenty of time to change that softball practice to 3:00, and make it home in time for dinner. 7.juice defender Not a true “Productivity” app, per se, but what’s the point of all this productivity, if your battery is dead? Latedroid offers a variety of versions of this helpful app, but ever the tinkerer, I went with the Ulitmate version which allows you to modify just about every power setting you’d want to. One drawback that I found (and is echoed in the reviews) is that the wifi management can be a bit spotty at best, but when it comes to overall power management, JuiceDefender is a win! 8.mindmeister for android Although I’ve chosen to list these apps in alphabetical order, in this case, I’m sure you’ll agree that MindMeister comes before ASTRO. A long requested offering from MindMeister, our MindMeister for Android allows you to access, modify, and create new data visualizations all from the palm of your favorite Android OS device. While not 100% quite as fully functional as our web based app, Android owners are sure to appreciate our feature rich app which includes Offline mode and full sync support (think roaming charges – yikes!), Pinch and Zoom for all the juicy details, Notes, Links, and Task features to further expand upon node topics and keep you focused, and connections to bridge ideas together. All this and more…and for free? Grab your copy of MindMeister for Android now! 9.semisilent There are a select breed of individuals who thrive on chaos, specifically that of the aural variety. For the rest of us, obtaining the zen like status of productivity often requires a bit of quiet. To this end Lyote brings us SemiSilent for Android. This little app allows Captains of Productivity to hand select who gets through to them and who doesn’t. Personally, I created a “Critical,” “Important,” and “Ok” set of contacts and with a tap-tap filtered out all but the most essential interruptions, with the added benefit of not having to turn my device off. Go on…tell me that doesn’t make you feel like your last name isn’t Buffett. 10.slide screen Always the customizer, one of the first things I set about to do with this Android-on-loan was to see how far away from “factory” I could take it before breaking something. After tirelessly trying to get X to do Y while still showing me Z, our support guy Oliver mentioned SlideScreen. This is an absolute customizers dream! Better yet, if you’ve got umpteen million sources of info flying at you at any given moment, SlideScreen will intuitively prioritize which info is shown on your home screen, as well as break it down into calls vs. sms vs. rss, etc. allowing you to see your most important events at a glance.
Posted: 04-11-2011 @ 19:46:41
Here's a quick list of all the best application i could find: Top 10 Free Apps: 1.Kindle - Book reading application 2.SkyFire - web browser 3.Google Voice - voicemail transcription, free texting, cheap international calling and more 4.EverNote - the ultimate, centralized notebook and note creation system 5.Barcode Scanner - scan books, movies, and music to quickly get information and pricing 6.Lookout - Antivirus program 7.Facebook - you know the drill, get your social network fix 8.Layar Reality Browser - see overlays on your camera as you scan the real world and get up to date information on it 9.Mint - Business related application 10.Places Directory - like AroundMe, Places Directory lets your know of restaurants, movie theaters, and more in the area Top 10 Paid Apps: 1.Root Explorer - File explorer (But here i suggest u go for Xplore by Lonely Cat Games...Its better and Free...) 2.Advanced Task Manager - Task manager 3.Beautiful Widgets - customize your device with tons of skins and widgets 4.SetCPU for Root Users - overclock, underclock and tweak your device’s performance 5.MyBackUp Pro - System backup application 6.CacheMate for Root Users - the best cache clearing app currently available 7.Sound Hound - like Shazam,find music instantly by letting your device listen 8.Dropbox - sync files between your computers and your mobile 9.LogMeIn Ignition - access your computers remotely from your phone 10.DroidAnalytics - keep on top of all your blogs and websites with this solid Google Analytics client
Posted: 12-10-2011 @ 21:32:11
this is my personalized recommendations for all android users- 1- quick office pro, 2- poweramp pro, double twist player & mobo player 3- norton pro, 4- nfs shift, ragging thunder2 & angry birds, 5- facebook for android, 6- auto call recorder, 7- android assistant, 8- astro file manager, 9- ibibo, opera mini, dolphin hd browser, 10- 1 mobile market, 11- free sms sender. I strongly recommend these because I am personally using them.
Posted: 11-10-2011 @ 20:04:12
Top ten android apps :-) 1.XFINITY TV: This app brings your adorable idiot box right on your screen, with searchingprograms, browsing TV-listings, and playing on demand content is just a tap or two away. This one of the Top-10 best Android apps for 2011 also allows you to change the channel on the tuner and program your DVR..2.Slacker-Radio: Fond of music? Brace yourself for a large song library to choose from, you can also create station of your favorite artist, genre as well. So no need to listento the music you don’t like, create your own station andlisten what’s music to your ears..3.Zedge Ringtones & Wallpapers: For those not in the know Zedge is one of the best website allowing you to have access to a large collection of all kinds of mobile stuff, and this app isits mobile version. It allows you to browse and download all of the mobile wallpapers and ring tones. This app has all the reasons to be among the Top-10 best Android apps..4.Pulse News-Reader: RSS feeds help you keep yourself abreast of the hp and happening world, and this app allows you access to your RSS feeds, with features like syncing directly with your existing Google Reader account, formatting all items for reading on mobile devices and more..5.Ringdroid: If you are bored to back teeth of your current crop of ringtones, you can use this great app to make yourown ringtones out of the songs stored in your device. So stop using other people’s stuff and make your own..6.Gingerbread Keyboard: This app brings the Gingerbread keyboard to your device to take place ofthe not so bad either FroYokeyboard. This app allows you to easily type, with good speed too increasing your efficiency..7.Silent-Time-Lite: This app allows you to set certain settings for a particular time and the reason why this app is just what the doctor ordered forstudents..8.Springpad: This app serves as a wonderful organization and productivity tool, the app allows you to sync with the service on a cloud access your items. Moreover you can also organize things in many different notebooks. All in all, this app has plentyto offer you..9.Movies: This app allows the movie buffs to find movies and buy tickets, get IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes movie reviews as well as releasedmovie DVDs and Blue-Ray Disks, to have a good time watching a good movie..10.Go SMS: This app can serve as a substitute for your default SMS-client; it features somelovely skins as well as customizable fonts, customizable colors, and customizable backgrounds.
Posted: 11-10-2011 @ 12:17:40
Its kinda a ridiculous to say such things. What can be a trash app to me can be a jewel for u. It all depends on the purpose u r having. Keeping everything in ur phone doesn't make any sense. Rather try to specify urself a purpose and then keep the apps. Otherwise u will end up having a lot of trash in your phone when u need some genuinely required apps.
Posted: 11-10-2011 @ 08:09:05