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Can anyone tell me if we wanted to watch youtube videos .some phones support nd many r not why?

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Answers (5)
it depends on your browser...some new versions of opera mini supports watching Youtube videos while some won't...
Posted: 05-04-2013 @ 14:43:29
Because those phone don't supports VIDEO STREAMING. I hv asked to Nokia care at 2 years ago he said. Strictly in case of Nokia brand only, nokia phones having dual sim don't support Video streaming except c1-01 or some others even if its a single sim model.
Posted: 23-03-2013 @ 18:58:29
the reason is streaming is not available on those devices in which YouTube not works
Posted: 15-03-2013 @ 17:24:01
Well, the codecs of youtube videos may not be compatible with some phones and that's why they are unable to play those videos while some phones can, as they contain the codecs in the inbuilt video player.
Posted: 15-03-2013 @ 14:44:25
only certain mobile phones have video streaming capability. it is different from internet connectivity. mostly base model java phone doesnt support video streaming. all of the android phones support video streaming (if srteaming access point is set correctly). if you are considering buying a base model nokia phone go for c3 . dont for c1.
Posted: 15-03-2013 @ 13:47:49