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Buying of second hand mobile is best or not?

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Posted: 28-04-2014 @ 14:52:00
U should never buy 2nd hand mobile handsets because it might be cheaper but still the new handset is better than 2nd handset
Posted: 07-05-2012 @ 18:31:19
If it is best in condition u can take.Ask warranty when u take second hand mobiles to one year
Posted: 05-05-2012 @ 16:57:11
it depends upon its condition
Posted: 04-09-2011 @ 18:49:11
it depends upon its condition
Posted: 25-08-2011 @ 15:44:58
don't buy second hand mobile
Posted: 22-08-2011 @ 15:40:47
Sometimes what’s old and used breeds new appeal to lovers of all things vintage. The concept of buying used cell phones and refurbished cell phones, though, can either fit you like a glass slipper or evoke unfulfilled feelings of not being hip to the most bleeding-edge whizbang. Because it’s standard practice today for cell phone carriers to guarantee their products with 30-day return policies with no questions asked, by law they can’t classify a phone as “new” if it’s returned for any reason in that time window. This category of used phones is often coined “buyer’s remorse”.
Posted: 18-08-2011 @ 23:06:21
If i like a particular handset and i dont have the budget to buy that, than i dont mind buying second hand mobile for that particular handset. As long as it satisfy our needs, i dont think we'll care about its quality or how long it is been used.
Posted: 17-08-2011 @ 00:10:16
second hand mobile bought ido not wrong decision but before buying must look its condition
Posted: 16-08-2011 @ 16:02:13
buying of 2nd hand phone can be very tedious can bebest if one should keep certain important tips in mind while buying a 2nd hand phone.some of the tips are as follow:::::::::::: 1.first of all make sure that you purchase 2nd hand phone from known dealer and allways check that it should not be a stolen always demand for phone bill to avoid this.never buy 2nd hand phone which is without bill. 2.then you should check that for how long the phone is used by the previous owner.this can be checked from bill or by dialing *#92702689# (only in case of nokia phones).this code will tell you number of hours for which the phone has been used.allways buy thatt phone which is used for less time. 3.then you should check weather the phone is repaired or not.this can be checked by taking a closer look on the screws by which the phone is fastened.if the allignment of screw is not proper then the phone is repaired one.leave the phone if it is repaired one or it will pose problem in future. 4.then you should check the battery.make sure that it is original one and from the same company of phone.then you should check the standby time of the battery.this is one of the main problem with 2nd hand phone,usually standby time is very less. 5.allways bargain with the dealer for the best deal.because the price of 2nd hand phone is fixed by the dealer. 6.always purchase 2nd hand phone from that dealer which give you all the accessories along with the bill. 7.always purchase that 2nd hand phone which is still in guaranty .
Posted: 15-08-2011 @ 18:11:24
Always buy brand new one...
Posted: 15-08-2011 @ 16:01:54
there is good,but very difficut.
Posted: 15-08-2011 @ 15:58:41
no coz second hand mobiles r generally disturbed so either buy less priced mobile but dont go 4 2nd hand mobile
Posted: 15-08-2011 @ 09:33:17
You should buy a second hand phone only after checking every single application in it and the most important thing is to know whether it is still under warranty period or not.If the phone is under the warranty period then you should really go for it as you will be refunded or a new handset may be given if something technical problem goes with it but if it is out of the warranty period then please don't buy it.So, the answer is second hand phone rocks!! only if it satisfies the above condition.
Posted: 14-08-2011 @ 23:34:40
It is best to buy second hand coz second hand or first hand the system/device is same. So y should we spend high amount buying first hand when we can buy the same device spending less amount.
Posted: 14-08-2011 @ 14:33:57
Buying the second hand mobile in the shop is too bad .if its buy from our friends and relative its is safe ,because we have the seen the how is working and its condition .And also we know the exact reason for what the mobile is coming to sell .We can't buy without exact reason for selling. And again buying second hand mobile in the shop is too waste .Becoz they will not give warrenty ,as well as bill .if any problem arise we cant able to contact the shop they will simply say "we are not responsible ".
Posted: 12-08-2011 @ 15:43:31
its best but its depend upon the use of the set & the range which anyone provide you...thnx
Posted: 12-08-2011 @ 14:56:53