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Are mobiles available for contract in India also ???

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Posted: 13-12-2014 @ 10:08:41
Ya mobiles are available for contract in India but for that you need to follow some rules like you need to stick with the same SIM for years, you can not change the SIM. [url=]Mobiles in India[/url]
Posted: 21-09-2012 @ 11:19:34
NO contract only 50% cut back offer by aircell on Iphone 3gs with 1year 3g data 2gb/m, Will avail upgrade iOS 6 @ rs12K ,and other discount device by DOCOMO ,RELIANCE, search for...,
Posted: 07-08-2012 @ 19:52:02
The only phone available on contract is the iPhone 4S on Airtel and Aircel.
Posted: 13-07-2012 @ 21:21:22
Dear friend mobile are generally not available for contract in India, only unlocked mobiles(in which you can put sim of any service provider) are available. But a few months ago i heard about some android phone on contract by MTS so you may check those.
Posted: 07-07-2012 @ 13:19:30