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After redeeming your themobile indian balance how many days will it take for the mobile number to be incremented with the requested amount?

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Posted: 13-12-2014 @ 10:19:28

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Posted: 06-04-2013 @ 17:10:40
5 days
Posted: 09-02-2013 @ 19:34:21
hai friend TMi techination will recharge your mobile with in 5 working days but it is not sure it may take upto 1 months also but i can tell that TMI WILL SURELY RECHARGE YOUR ACCOUNT PLEASE BELEAVE THEIR WORDS++++++++
Posted: 23-07-2012 @ 16:56:25
1 to 2 month. but if u mail them, they will do it within 1 - 2 week. and say thanks after then.
Posted: 18-07-2012 @ 20:19:09
Dear friend, The authors of TMI are more curious towards the trust of their site readers. But, due to some technical limitations, the reedemed points needs 5-6 working days. But when, some more problems arises to TMI admins, this time may prolonged upto 1 month also.
Posted: 12-07-2012 @ 12:23:22
I guess its a year now that I am a part of the TMI Talktime... My reason to be here is not only to share my knowledge but also to get knowledge and the various things happening around... Since I joined, my recharges were sent dead on the 5th day after redemption excluding the day I redeemed my points and also excluding the Sundays and public holidays...
Posted: 10-07-2012 @ 10:11:26
After redeeming , The indian mobiles may claim that you should get free talk time in 5 working days. But it may not happening in these limited days. It may take more than one month. Or many times less than one month. But there is no, sure time that how many days it will take..........
Posted: 08-07-2012 @ 11:50:44
After redeeming points , the indian mobile service accumlate the recharge within 5 working days. But it should not happening in these 5 days. It may take more than one month, or some less days. Not sure time ,that how many days it will take to do complete process.
Posted: 08-07-2012 @ 11:44:36