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which branded mobile now have greater battery life in case of multimedia sets?

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Apple's shining star has knocked out many contenders, and now, with new ... It's not as high resolution as the iPhone's, but in this case, size matters. ... These handsets do a lot more than just make calls--they also have Web browsers and multimedia ... improved over previous versions, not to mention the longer battery life
Posted: 23-04-2012 @ 07:38:03

Try "MAX" battery only, lowest prise 8 time faster backup than any other original nokia battery...,
Posted: 15-08-2011 @ 05:09:32
When it comes to battery, Nokia leads the competition among other brands. All brands have good battery life, but the customizations like live wallpapers and much more, makes the android smartphones lag behind Nokia smartphones, where it has no support for it. Hence, Nokia is always the best.
Posted: 03-08-2011 @ 21:54:38
LG Optimus one has got 15 hours talktime and 8 hours of browsing.
Posted: 29-07-2011 @ 21:33:53
Posted: 28-07-2011 @ 09:18:37
Posted: 27-07-2011 @ 01:59:02
blackberry have the greater battery life.
Posted: 26-07-2011 @ 17:50:57
Nokia is best in that area.It will give you more battery backup than any other company. The Nokia C5-00 (rs.7,500) will give you multimedia play upto 34 hours..
Posted: 26-07-2011 @ 17:35:57
nowadays every mobile comes with a better battery life but it completely depends on the use of your day to day activities but if u listen music more you can select many mobile which are dedicated for extra music playing backup like sony erricsson walkman series and nokia express music series and X series
Posted: 26-07-2011 @ 16:09:51
micromax x1i and xlu are the two phones with max battery life of about 30 days
Posted: 26-07-2011 @ 16:01:23
Nokia and samsung have better battery life in multimedia sets
Posted: 26-07-2011 @ 14:54:33
nokia and samsung handsets now have greater battery life.
Posted: 26-07-2011 @ 14:34:14