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which is the good entry level android phone between micromax superphone ninja 2 A56 and karbonn A5 . Or I will go with samsung galaxy y duos or LG L3.?

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I think micromax ninja 2 the best option because micromax give good service in low bujet and any one who have low money can buy this on other hand samsung and lg are also good but every one can not buy these due to range of prise..
Posted: 17-05-2013 @ 21:20:21
I would suggest you to go with Samsung Galaxy Y Duos....It has lots of new features, and the android os best suits new Users...
Posted: 05-04-2013 @ 14:38:59
As a customer of Samsung, I would suggest you go for Micromax. It quiet a good brand now. And also have a lot of service centers to in the case of problems!
Posted: 02-04-2013 @ 07:28:48
samsung galaxy series ki battery n camera are worst. better go with lg or motorola. other cheap companies me sirf spice hi successful hai.
Posted: 19-07-2012 @ 18:54:04
If you want android operating system, then samsung is the best option from all of your choices. Let you may know that micromax and karbon are small branded phones or we can say that non branded phones. So if you buy one of non branded phone from micromax and karbon with leaving the samsung galaxy, then you lose the best experience. LG L3 is a smart phone with bright features and ahead from these non branded phone and behind from samsung galaxy. Micromax and karbon phones are cheaper then SAMSUNG and LG. But they do not compared with the features of these smart brandes. If they are slightly better than samsung galaxy or LG, then everybody buy these non branded phones. but you really know the market of every brand. Samsung has a super marketed brand. LG also having a good market but liked less than samsung. non branded phones having so many problems after some days when we use it , and they do not offer you best features. Quality is quality , So i suggest you only samsung galaxy ,for best android experience.
Posted: 19-07-2012 @ 18:40:25
If possible wait for the spice stellar craze. Its priced less and spice has claimed that it will get an ICS Update( checkout the hands on experience of the device posted on this site at the link below).
Posted: 08-07-2012 @ 19:24:34
lg optimus L3 is best..
Posted: 06-07-2012 @ 20:54:01
better go for lg optimus L3 allmost all the specifications are same for L3 and y dous plus points for L3:- L3 has 1gb of internal memory galaxy Y has only 160mb too low camera has an auto focus where has galaxy Y doesn't have it L3 has good battery life because it is single sim and uses less power it has 1540 mah battery and galaxy Y has only 1300 mah think about it if ur single sim user go for L3
Posted: 06-07-2012 @ 15:00:53
LG optimus L3 is best it supports HTML5 and flashplayer excluded 3g speed than samsung which dont supports HTML5 ,both prise tag is 7k ,os 2.3 android
Posted: 05-07-2012 @ 21:39:31