How to win Free Talk Time on your mobile

  • If The Mobile Indian expert likes your Answer on any given day you will get - 50 points
  • To redeem and to receive Free Talk Time, you require a minimum of 100 points and subsequent multiples of 100 ((e.g. 200, 300, 400 etc.)
  • 100 points = 100 Rs. recharge value
  • 100 Rs. recharge value includes Talk Time, validity amount, transaction amount, tax amount or any other fees collected by your respective Service Provider
  • The mobile number provided by you (listed on your login ID) will be eligible for recharge.
  • The Mobile Indian will not be held responsible for disputes arising from an incorrect number given by you at the time of registration, or any other liability that may occur with respect to your regional service provider.
  • Talk Time amount will be credited within 5 working days after you make the redemption request. TMI can change the point system and rules anytime at its discretion.
  • Click on your username after logging into your account to view your redeemable points.
  • To redeem points and to receive free mobile Talk Time, click the 'Redeem' option on your logged in page. Please note the 'Redeem' option will only be clickable once you have accumulated the required points.
  • If a user, shares answers and discussions, by blindly copying & pasting them from any other forum/ source with an intent to win FREE Talk Time, then in such a case, TMI reserves the right to not carry such posts. Repeated attempts to do this, and any other form of malpractice to spam the forum, would result in the user being debarred from the forum permanently.

Approved answer = Answer liked by moderator of TMI that wins 50 Rs. of Talk Time recharge value.

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