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Search Tariff Plans
Plan TypeOperator CircleRecharge value Recharge talktimeDesc.ValidityDetails
RechargeHimachal Pradesh23 0Local Calls-Prevailing Rate ,All STD Calls- Re 1/3min, 30 days View
RechargeHimachal Pradesh24 0100 Free LC R-R min,rest all Other Calls- Prevailing Rate15 days View
RechargeHimachal Pradesh25 0Local R-R Calls- na, Local R-Others Calls- na ,STD R-R Calls- na ,STD R-Others Calls- na 30 days View
RechargeHimachal Pradesh26 0All Local & National SMS-100 SMS/day @1p per SMS 30 days View
RechargeHimachal Pradesh27 0R-R LC 20p/m,STD R-R - Prevailing Rate,Other LC-Prevailing Rate, Other STD-Prevailing Rate30 days View
RechargeHimachal Pradesh28 0100 Free LC min,All other calls at prevailing rate. Off-net Packs available 30 days View
RechargeHimachal Pradesh29 0All Local R-R Calls- Night Calling Free*,All other calls at Prevailing rate.Night calls at 11:00Pm-6:00AM 30 days View
TopupHimachal Pradesh32 0Promo TalkTimes-323 days View
RechargeHimachal Pradesh38 19All calls STD/Local @ Rs 1.2/m365 days View
RechargeHimachal Pradesh39 0All LC @30p/min, All STD calls - Prevailing Rate, 30 days View
RechargeHimachal Pradesh40 0200Free R-R LC min,Rest all calls at Prevailing rates.Free minutes as per current pulse30 days View
RechargeHimachal Pradesh43 20All R-R LC- 1p/6s, All R-O LC 1.2p/ 2sec, All STD R-R 1p/s, All STD R-O 1.2p/s,Extra TT 20 valid for 15 days180 days View
RechargeHimachal Pradesh44 0100 Free LC min,All other calls at prevailing rate. Free minutes as per current pulse15 days View
RechargeHimachal Pradesh47 20All Calls at Rs 1.20/3 m & Addit benefitDouble Talktime on Selected MRP* 365 days View
RechargeHimachal Pradesh48 24Local R-R Calls50p/m. Local R-Others Calls- 60p/m ,STD R-R Calls- 50p/m ,STD R-Others Calls- 60p/m365 days View

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for the accuracy of the plans listed on this page as they may be outdated. PLEASE recharge ONLY after checking with the Service Provider or their website first.