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Plan TypeOperator CircleRecharge value Recharge talktimeDesc.ValidityDetails
DataHaryana7 02G DATA_71 Days View
TOPUPHaryana10 7.73NANA View
RechargeHaryana13 0Local & National SMS @ Rs.0.05/SMS*30 days View
DataHaryana14 02G DATA_143 Days View
RechargeHaryana20 0P2P SMS Local (100 SMS/Day or Maximum 1000 SMS)*15 days View
TOPUPHaryana20 15.47NANA View
DataHaryana25 03G DATA_253 Days View
STVHaryana26 0Talk valu equal to MRP and 2 min for use in the nights4 Days View
RechargeHaryana28 0Local/STD Rs. 1.00/3 Minutes (On-net) & Rs.1.20/3Minutes (Off-net) 30 days View
VoiceHaryana29 0VOICE_2930 Days View
RechargeHaryana30 0Unlimited Local /STD On-Net-1 day 1 days View
RechargeHaryana31 01000 Local & 500 National SMS Free*15 days View
Combo PackHaryana34 0Plan Continuation_34(PerSec,PerMin & Genl) - Migration Plan180 Days View
RechargeHaryana35 0Local/STD On-net Night @ 0.05/Min30 days View
STVHaryana35 0STV Voice at 5ppm from 23:00 to 6:0030 Days View
VoiceHaryana35 0VOICE_3530 Days View
DataHaryana40 03G DATA_407 Days View
VoiceHaryana47 0VOICE_4730 Days View
RechargeHaryana49 0Local On-net-49p/Min, Local Off-net- 49p/Min, STD Off-net- 49p/Min, STD On-net- 49p/Min365 days View
TopupHaryana50 45Talk times 0 days View
RechargeHaryana52 02000 Local & 1000 National SMS*30 days View
SMSHaryana52 0SMS_5230 Days View
TopupHaryana55 49.85Talk times 0 days View
VoiceHaryana57 0VOICE_5730 Days View
VoiceHaryana59 0VOICE_5915 Days View
TopupHaryana60 54Talk times 0 days View
RechargeHaryana60 0Local On-net-1p/sec, Local Off-net- 1.2p/sec, STD Off-net- 1.2p/sec, STD On-net- 1p/sec365 days View
RechargeHaryana61 0Local Any Network @ Rs.0.30/Min30 days View
VoiceHaryana61 0VOICE_6130 Days View
RechargeHaryana65 0Local On-Net@ Rs.0.10/Min30 days View
VoiceHaryana65 0VOICE_6530 Days View
TopupHaryana70 63Talk times 0 days View
TopupHaryana76 69Talk times 0 days View
DataHaryana78 03G DATA_7815 Days View
Combo PackHaryana80 0Pyari Jodi_80 - Migration Plan90 Days View
TopupHaryana90 82Talk times 0 days View
Combo PackHaryana90 02G_Bis_Social_907 Days View
Combo PackHaryana95 02G_Bis_Lite_957 Days View
Combo PackHaryana97 0Student special 97 - Migration Plan180 Days View
DataHaryana98 03G DATA_9821 Days View
Combo PackHaryana99 0Jai Jawan_99 - Migration Plan30 Days View
Combo PackHaryana103 0COLLEGE_103 - Migration Plan180 Days View
TopupHaryana110 100Talk times 0 days View
TopupHaryana120 109Talk times 0 days View
TopupHaryana135 120Talk times 0 days View