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Plan TypeOperator CircleRecharge value Recharge talktimeDesc.ValidityDetails
Roaming PackGujarat5 0Incoming calls free while roaming, All outgoing calls @ 1.5p/sec anywhere in India. Available thru SMS/USSD activation only. Dial *777*501# or SMS ACT ROAM to 53739 to activate.1 Days View
GPRS PackGujarat9 0Free 50 MB Data2 Days View
Gujarat10 7.9Regular Talktime View
SMS Pack***Gujarat11 0100 Local+National SMS for 5 days, To Deactivate SMS DEACT SMS11 and send to 537395 Days View
SMS Pack***Gujarat12 0All Local & National SMS @ 10p/sms30 Days View
GPRS PackGujarat14 0Free 100 MB Data3 Days View
Combo PackGujarat15 0Rs 15 Talktime valid for 2 day + 1 Local + national SMS Valid for 1 day2 Days View
SMS Pack***Gujarat19 0190 Local+National SMS for 10 days, To Deactivate SMS DEACT 19SMS and send to 5373910 Days View
Gujarat20 15.8Regular Talktime View
RechargeGujarat23 0Local Calls-Prevailing Rate ,All STD Calls- Re 1/3min, 30 days View
RechargeGujarat24 0All Local R-R Calls- Prevailing Rate , All Other Local calls- Prevailing Rate30 days View
Special Tariff RechargeGujarat24 0All Local calls @ 1.2p/2sec for 28 days28 Days View
SMS Pack***Gujarat25 0250 Local+National SMS for 15 days, To Deactivate SMS DEACT SMS25 and send to 5373915 Days View
RechargeGujarat26 0All Local & National SMS-100 SMS/day @1p per SMS 30 days View
RechargeGujarat27 0R-R Local Call 20p/m,STD R-R - Prevailing Rate,Other LC-Prevailing Rate, Other STD-Prevailing Rate30 days View
GPRS PackGujarat27 0Free 250 MB Data7 Days View
RechargeGujarat28 0100 Free Local Call min,All other calls at prevailing rate. Off-net Packs available 30 days View
RechargeGujarat29 0All Local R-R Calls- Night Calling Free*,All other calls at Prevailing rate.Night calls at 11:00Pm-6:00AM 30 days View
Gujarat30 23.7Regular Talktime View
Tariff VoucherGujarat31 0STD @25p/min for 1st 200 STD min, later 40p/min28 Days View
Special Tariff RechargeGujarat31 01st 300 STD Min @25p/min, post which STD @ 40p/min (Auto Renewal)30 Days View
TopupGujarat32 0 Promo TalkTimes-323 days View
Special Tariff RechargeGujarat32 0All Local calls @ 10p/min upto first 125 Local min, post which All Local calls @ 30p/min30 Days View
ISD PackGujarat33 0UAE, Qatar-Fixed, Yemen Rep, Philippines - 16p/sec,Saudi Arabia-Mo, Japan - 14p/sec,USA (ex Puerto Rico, Alaska & Hawaii), Canada, Europe Fixed (UK, Germany) - 2p/sec,Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan - 12p/sec,Bangladesh - 5p/sec,China, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong - 3p/sec,Qatar-Mo - 20p/sec,UK-Mo - 25p/sec,Oman-Mo - 30p/sec,Australia, Belgium, Indonesia, Korea (South), Spain, Saudi Arabia-Fixed, Bahrain, New Zealand, Kuwait, Germany-Mo, Malaysia, Iran, Oman-Fixed, France, Portugal, Vietnam - 10p/sec28 Days View
GPRS PackGujarat34 0Free 450 MB Data7 Days View
Combo PackGujarat35 0Rs 35 Talktime valid for 5 day + 1 Local + national SMS Valid for 1 day5 Days View
Tariff VoucherGujarat36 0All Local @ 25p/Min28 Days View
Special Tariff RechargeGujarat37 0All STD calls @ 30p/min28 Days View
RechargeGujarat38 19All calls STD/Local @ Rs 1.2/m365 days View
RechargeGujarat39 0All Local Call @30p/min, All STD calls - Prevailing Rate, 30 days View
Tariff VoucherGujarat39 0500 SMS (Local + National) FREE28 Days View
SMS Pack***Gujarat39 0500 Local+National SMS for 30 days, To Deactivate SMS DEACT 39SMS and send to 5373930 Days View
RechargeGujarat40 0200Free R-R Local Call min,Rest all calls at Prevailing rates.Free minutes as per current pulse30 days View
Special Tariff RechargeGujarat41 0All STD @ 1.2p/2sec30 Days View
Night PackGujarat42 0Local Reliance to Reliance calls free from 11 PM to 6 AM for 7 days7 Days View
RechargeGujarat43 20All R-R Local Calls- 1p/6s, All R-O Local Calls 1.2p/ 2sec, All STD R-R 1p/s, All STD R-O 1.2p/s,Extra TT 20 valid for 15 days Tariff Validity -180 days & Promo TT Validity -30 days View
RechargeGujarat44 0100 Free LocalCall min,All other calls at prevailing rate. Free minutes as per current pulse30 days View
Combo PackGujarat45 0Rs 37.05 Talktime + 5 Local/National SMS valid for 1 day0 Days View
RechargeGujarat47 20All Calls at Rs 1.20/3 m & Addit benefitDouble Talktime on Selected MRP* Tariff Validity-365 days & Promo TT Validity- 30 days View
GPRS PackGujarat47 0Daily 100 MB for 10 days10 Days View
RechargeGujarat48 24Local R-R Calls50p/m. Local R-Others Calls- 60p/m ,STD R-R Calls- 50p/m ,STD R-Others Calls- 60p/m365 days View
Minutes PackGujarat48 0500 min for all Local Reliance Voice calls (250 Min during day + 250 Min during Night (11 PM to 6 AM))14 Days View
RechargeGujarat49 0R-R Local Call- Unlimited Free,All other calls at Prevailing rates7 days View
TopupGujarat50 42.3310 mins Local On-net night mins 15 days View
Gujarat50 41.5Regular Talktime View