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Samsung working on quad-core Exynos 5440 mobile processor

Samsung has begun testing the Cortex-A15 based quad-core Exynos 5440 mobile processor.

Samsung has quietly testing its next generation Cortex-A15 mobile processor based Exynos 5440 System on Chip, a Korean blog - Chocoberry -has reported. Earlier, Samsung was said to be working on the dual-core Cortex-A15 based Exynos 5250 mobile processor.

Now Exynos 5440's source code has been spotted at the Git.

Samsung introduces the flagship smartphone with a totally new hardware right till the chip level. This new quad-core Exynos 5440 is quite likely to be the obvious choice for the Galaxy S III successor smartphone. Currently touted as the Galaxy S IV, this smartphone is expected to be unveiled in the first half of the next year.

Details about the functions of the Exynos 5440 are scarce and we also wonder if it will support the big.LITTLE processing technology developed by ARM. The big.LITTLE technology enables the Cortex-A15 to take heavy processing workloads and conserve some power as well. The Cortex-A15 promises to manage heavy workload performance and also let the other activities to take place most efficiently.

Only by the next year we shall get to see the Samsung Exynos 5440 mobile processor based smartphone. Hopefully, we shall get to see the next major Android version currently dubbed as Key Lime Pie in the upcoming phone with this chip as well.

First Published : Tuesday, December 04, 2012 - 00:00

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