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Nokia Lumia 510 Vs Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

Lumia 510 is the young blood from Nokia while Galaxy Ace has been one of the best sellers from Samsung's stable.

Nokia has recently announced its Lumia 510 smartphone which is though yet to be available in India and is expected to be priced less than Rs 11,000. Many would already have started fascinating about the newcomer but before you make up your mind, read this comparison of Lumia 510 with an old giant - the Samsung Galaxy Ace - which has been in the market for a long time and has been regarded as the best seller of Samsung as well. Also, Galaxy Ace S5830 is available for around Rs 11,000 now-a-days, thus it is quite apt to compare these two smartphones.

Look and Build

The Nokia Lumia 510 comes in 120.7 x 64.9 x 11.5 mm dimension and is 129 grams in weight. It has a 4 inch capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 480x800.

The Galaxy Ace S5830 has also similar dimension (112.4 x 59.9 x 11.5 mm) and has 113 grams weight. In this body, Samsung has fitted a 3.5 inch display. Clearly, the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 is smaller than the Lumia 510.

Nokia Lumia 510 Vs Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830t

Also, Nokia is providing the Lumia 510 in White, Cyan, Black, Red, Yellow colours while when it comes to the Galaxy Ace, choice is limited to only Black and White.

First Published : Wednesday, October 31, 2012 - 00:00

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