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Top 5 dual SIM phones under Rs 5000 for July 2012

Need a good Dual SIM based phone? Check out the best one in your budget range.

Dual SIM phones have always been considered as low end phones, but dual SIM phones offer more practical approach to the users by offering better functionality than single SIM devices. Today dual SIM phones are not only available in the low end category but have grown out in android based smartphones as well. Simply because the added ease of usage and functionality they offer. So here we have the top 5 list of dual SIM based phones below Rs 5,000 that will definitely help you make a great buying decision.

This time we have included Feature phones simply because feature phones are the right bargain point between low end devices and costlier smartphones. Feature phones offer bigger set of features as far as functionality goes but for a low price as well.

Today there are a large number of dual SIM based mobile phones available in the market but our selection criteria for the mobile phones simply is based on the popularity of the handsets along with the set of features that device offers. While there might be better phones out there but this top 5 list includes mobile phones that offer the best functionality and value for money across the price point.

So here is the Top 5 dual SIM feature phones under Rs 5,000.

Micromax Solar X259 (Price Rs 2,499)

The new Micromax X 259 is a very affordable feature phone that comes with an integrated solar panel to charge the device in times of need. This dual SIM (GSM+GSM) feature phone and is the first ever solar powered phone of the brand Micromax. The X 258 utilizes the power of sunlight for providing free and clean energy for users and also the freedom from wall chargers.

The Micromax X259 features a 2.4 inch wide color display along with an alpha numeric multitap keypad. It supports micro SD card to help users store their favorite songs, movies, videos and more while on the move.

top five handset

Micromax X259 handset is equipped with a 1.3 megapixel camera, which is great for occasional snapping. Transferring data from Micromax X258 is also very easy thanks to the integrated Bluetooth connectivity.

The Micromax X259 comes with a 1000 mAh battery which ensures a good battery backup as well

First Published : Monday, July 30, 2012 - 00:00

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