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Google Drive vs Other Cloud Storage services

Quick snapshot of how Google Drive fairs against other popular Cloud storage service providers with multi-platform presence.

Google has officially launched its cloud servers based data storage and sharing service - Google Drive. Available from today onwards, the Google Drive allows users to store documents, photos, videos, Google Docs, PDFs and other files. Basically the service allows you to store files on Google's Servers dedicated to offer such storage. In return Google offers easy to use interface and 5 GB free storage space. Google Drive service can be accessed from web, PC, Mac and Android OS based devices.

Since Google Drive integrates the Google Docs, the users can share the documents and any file stored with other users. Google Drive comes with basic 5 GB free storage and one can always purchase more storage such as 25 GB for $2.5 (Rs. 125) per month or 100 GB for $ 5 (Rs 250) per month.

Google Drive can be used from the desktop - Windows or Mac OS based system to sync files and store them to Google Servers. Google Account holders will have to download the Google Drive on the desktop and set up a folder for adding the files to be synchronized. All one has to do is to place any file, photo, video or document in the Drive and it automatically gets synchronized to wherever the Google Drive account has been setup - Computers, Smartphones and even tablets.

The files shared through Google Drive create a public/private link which can be opened in the web browser. The Google Drive may not deal well with the file versions. For instance, if you have updated the file before the file has been synchronised everywhere, then you might end up having two versions of same file. One good thing about the Google Drive is that it has a 10 GB file size limit for those who have purchased storage of more than default 5 GB free storage.

Google Drive has several direct competitors such as Dropbox, SkyDrive, Box, SugarSync and several others. The only reason we have not counted Apple iCloud service here because it doesn't have multi-platform presence. Here is the snapshot of our quick comparison of these services with Google Drive.

First Published : Thursday, April 26, 2012 - 00:00

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