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How to save battery on Android Smartphone

Optimize your Android smartphone so that your battery lasts longer.

The Android devices we see today are a result of a long period of evolution during which the both hardware and software have improved a lot. Today, multi core processors and faster applications have become mainstream and Android with its smartphone and tablet devices is giving tough competition to personal computers as well.

The increase in computing muscle of devices and faster, more resource hungry applications available today put a load on the battery, whose performance in terms of battery backup is steadily declining. Although bigger batteries are gaining in popularity, there is a limit to which these batteries can be upgraded as there are limitations in terms of both size and weight, which directly affect the look and feel of the device as well.

There are many things that device manufacturers are doing to make devices self aware so that they optimize battery utilisation. But apart from software controlling the battery of the device which often affects performance adversely, here is how you can go about saving the battery of your Android device by other methods. By doing this you will not only enhance backup time but also check the unnecessary waste of crucial power.

So here are some tips to save battery on your Android device.

First Published : Wednesday, February 01, 2012 - 00:00

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