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Top 5 to do list apps for Android

Pick any of these five free apps to help you with your daily to do list creation and management.

Getting things done is everyone's motto. However, one can simply not get all things done if one's day is unplanned and disorganized. These simple to do list apps serve to be eco-friendly and can also be helpful personal reminder services to adhere to and successfully accomplish daily tasks. Using a to do list helps organize a day or week and takes some load off one's mind for new or recurring tasks every week so you do not miss out on deadlines.

Of several to do list apps, six or seven were deserving of being in the top 5. Here is our list of top five to do list apps for Android.


Highly rated and recommended Wunderlist app works flawlessly across different platforms and mobile operating systems. Meant for business and personal use, Wunderlist allows users to register for a Wunderlist account so that all the tasks in the to do list are synced to the account and accessible anywhere, anytime. Creating a to do list is quite easy and the user can share lists with family, friends and colleagues. In fact, the app allows collaboration on a to do list as well - imagine planning a surprise party or working on a team project.

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The Wunderlist app is great for birthday reminders as well with the help of power widgets that allow management from the homescreen itself. Get the free Wunderlist app for your Android device from Google Play store.

First Published : Thursday, August 22, 2013 - 00:00

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