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Top 5 Android smartphones up to Rs 10,000 - Jan 2013

Got to buy the best Android smartphone under Rs 10,000? Then look no further.

The sub Rs 10,000 category of Android smartphones is today the most popular and the most active because users following this category often get newer and newer devices, and options are also in plenty. So if you are also looking for a sub Rs 10,000 Android smartphone then out of the many Android devices available in the market today there are some that have caught our attention as they offer superb value for money and great features too. These devices are good enough for handling most tasks, and at the same time they won't get outdated soon. So here is our top five Android smartphones list for under Rs 10,000.

Sony Xperia Tipo (Price Rs 8,800)

Sony's cheaper Android smartphone, the Xperia Tipo, despite being the cheapest, offers some good hardware specifications and comes with a design that is good looking as well as functional too.

The display of the device, at 3.2 inches, comes with 320 x 480 pixel resolution, which is not at all bad and does justice to most functions of the device. The color reproduction of the display is good, but the brightness levels seem a little low for legibility in sunlight. The low cost of the device comes with a few exclusions and a mobile Bravia engine is one of them.

Xperia Tipo is powered by an 800 MHz single core Qualcomm MSM7225AA processor featuring an Adreno 200 GPU for superior graphics. Coupled with 512 MB RAM the device gives out decent all round performance but limitations of the CPU will definitely come with highly processor intensive applications and games. The device, with its timescape user interface, is quite fast and never lacks in anything from app execution to performance. To top it up the device comes with Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system for better app compatibility.

First Published : Monday, January 21, 2013 - 00:00

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