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Top 5 music player apps for Android

Music lovers and audiophiles need a dedicated music player app to enjoy their favourite tracks in the way they want to with software equalizations and several other features.

Music is a healer and quite a saviour for all. While casual music will help you get through the day serious music listeners need something more than just a regular lossy MP3 file playing app. Thanks to some amazing developers, the Google Play Store now hosts the best music player apps with a variety of features.

Music player apps are meant for those who aim for software equalizations to make the best of the smartphone's hardware and earphones. Some of the apps will certainly surprise you so that you will be more than happy to pay for the full version.

Here is a selection of five astounding music player apps with most modern features.

Poweramp Music Player

Making the best of the openness of Android, Poweramp does a stupendous job as a stand-alone music player. Poweramp supports a large variety of music file formats and offers software equalization controls along with sliders to make adjustments. One can easily get busy with the 10 band graphical equaliser to achieve the desired sound stage, and also manipulate treble, bass, stereo X and other controls manually. If you have several music files with wrong or extra file information, you can exit tag editing, use visual themes to change the look and feel, and download album art for music files. This player will also let you create several playlists.

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The best part is the queue list, which is like a temporary playlist where you can queue random songs while you are listening to them. Those who like to enjoy lyrics can use the musiXmatch plugin to search and download lyrics. Poweramp for Android is meant for audiophiles and for others it is available as a time-limited trial. Download the Poweramp player from Google Play store and if you like it, the full version unlocker costs Rs 129.

First Published : Tuesday, January 15, 2013 - 00:00

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