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LG announces SUPER UHD 4K TV with the latest WebOS 3.0 user interface

The LG UH 850T TV is priced at Rs 209,900.

LG has announced its latest SUPER UHD 4K TV - UH 850T TV with the latest WebOS 3.0 user interface. The LG UH 850T TV is priced at Rs 209,900.

This is a Ultra Slim TV and it displays billions of rich colours giving super viewing experience. The TV features IPS 4K Quantum display which makes the images look real as nature itself. LG SUPER UHD TV is different from other UHD TVs as the 4K resolution is four times that of Full HD.

The LG SUPER UHD TV comes with High Dynamic Range technology (HDR Super) which fully supports Dolby Vision. It ensures brighter, sharper images delivered with better contrast and strikingly improved color. The video titles are also available in Dolby Vision so that you can view entertainment the way it was meant to be seen.

The pictures and images on the LG SUPER UHD TV look as real as nature itself, with billions of lifelike colors. It also has the Colour Prime Plus technology, Ultra Luminance and Harman Kardon Speakers. It also comes with a Magic Remote with some added buttons to make it easier to connect the TV with set-top boxes. It also makes navigation on your Smart TV very user-friendly.

The LG Super UHD 4K TV comes with the latest WebOS 3.0. The LG WebOS 3.0 TV gives an easy access for your entertainment. It allows you to watch, search, launch or play whatever you want on TV. Either it's a movie, your favorite TV show or music including internet surfing and online shopping on the big screen, you can do everything. Some features of Web OS 3.0 are Magic remote, Magic Zoom, Magic Mobile connection, Multi view, Music Player App, simple switching and Smart Share.

The Magic Zoom allows users to zoom in on objects and pictures on the screen. Using Magic Mobile Connection, users can sync their smartphones with the LG Smart TV and access their apps and phone data on the television. The Multi-View feature splits the screen of the Smart TV and allows the viewer to watch two different inputs at the same time.

The Music Player App can play music via this app with attractive user interface. Simple Switching allows users to switch seamlessly from one platform to another. Smart Share feature allows you to access all your music, videos and photos and view it on a big screen. You can connect your laptop, PC, tablet, smartphone and external HDD.

First Published : Thursday, April 14, 2016 - 14:56

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